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In their line of duty, EMS personnel go through intense pressure and they need to retain a professional look throughout a day’s shift. One part of their uniform that needs to be sharp all the time is the pants. Attending to different emergencies in different locations and weather requires a robust pair of pants that is wrinkle, water and fire resistant. EMS pants should be made from durable fabric that is reinforced to withstand the pressure of such a demanding job.

When buying EMS pants for EMS personnel, it’s important to pick the right fit. Buying pants that have the wrong sizes could affect the wearer negatively. Emergency personnel should be able to function and carry out response duties without being hampered by their uniform. You should take time to get your measurements right or try as many pants as you can before you buy.

Comfort is paramount during emergency rescue missions. It’s important to choose pants that feel comfortable to the employee that has to work 12 or 24 hour shifts. It’s advisable to assess the fabrics and the weather around, so as to pick fabric that complements the surrounding. If you are in hot areas, choose breathable fabrics that keep you cool. For cold weather, choose materials that have proper insulation capacities to keep the heat in.

When you purchase EMS pants, it’s advisable to stick with the top brands. Trusted brand name products are usually high quality and they come with exceptional performance. It’s wise to avoid brands that are hardly known. You might end up choosing inferior products that require replacement all the time. With the top brands, they don’t just offer quality, but their EMS pants come with compliance for safety in the industry. Many retailers with a good name will always accept to return defective products and they work with money back guarantees.

Comfort, Durability and Easy Maintenance

 If you are looking for value for your money with every EMS pant you buy, it’s important to pick a pair that is built with comfort, durability and easy maintenance in mind. It’s important to consider fire retardant properties in fabrics you pick. Also, you need to pick fabrics that are easy to clean, fade resistant and pant fabrics that can withstand long hours without wrinkles. If you don’t have to worry about ironing EMS pants, it enhances your confidence on the job.

You need to evaluate fastening method on the EMS pants. You can opt for an elastic waist band for easy wearing and removal. Some pants are designed with shirt grip beads to ensure it stays in place with all the bending and stretching. It’s advisable to assess the must have features you should have on the pants. For instance, you need to choose pants with pockets for convenience. You can carry your stethoscope, gloves and useful gadgets in these pockets.

 You are likely to be moving a lot when you go on a rescue mission. This is when you need pants that offer maximum flexibility. The best EMS pants will offer a relaxed fit that gives the lower body all the freedom needed for swift movement.

Any professional EMS technician needs to sport a formal look. This is where the pant’s length comes to play. These pants should fit naturally around the waist and should never be fastened below the waist. It’s important to affix a belt if the pants come with belt loops. EMS pants should have a neat look and they shouldn’t be frayed at the bottom.

When you want to get it right with your EMS pants purchase, you need to keep a few pointers in mind. It’s sensible to check the construction and the fabric density. Heavier but comfortable material will last longer. Since you will be having a lot of bending or kneeling, consider gusseting, double knees and reinforcements for stress areas.  If the stitching isn’t as strong as it’s supposed to be, the seams will keep bursting. You should consider rip stop fabrics for added strength.

If you are buying in bulk, you need to ensure that they have different sizes to fit different body types. You need to look at the color fastness and if they are dark, you should assess the time they will take to fade. It’s unprofessional to be on the job with pants that have already faded; it doesn’t reflect on your profession in a positive manner. There are some traits of a superb EMS pant you should know. Always check for breathable materials, water and fire resistance, proper fit and water resistant; they should have pathogen resistance properties.

The primary objective of EMS pants is to protect the EMT from various job hazards. In extreme weather, the pants should offer maximum protection from chilly or hot conditions. At the same time, the pants should offer protection from chemical spills, bodily liquids and broken shards of glass.

 Our EMS Pants

 The EMS pants collection at UniformsInStock has everything you need for emergency response tasks. We have different pant sizes, styles and designs. We have a line of sturdy pant construction that come with flame resistant properties. We have different colors and sizes for all. If you are unsure, ask our in-house team to help with your queries. We ship orders on the same day and we have a money back guarantee, should you receive defective or wrong deliveries. Our products are made by recognized designers and brands in the industry. Choose the Women's Cargo Pocket Work Pant - 7 oz. or the Men's Flame Resistant Work Pant – Cooltouch for added protection and confidence on any mission.

For more information about our EMS pants, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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