Fire & EMS Work Shirts

If you deal with emergency response work, or if you are a paramedic, having a professional look speaks a lot about your work. As such, EMS personnel are supposed to create the right first impressions with their uniforms. When you attend to a response, the family of the affected or the public will judge your competence by how you present yourself. Other than always looking sharp, it’s important to ensure your shirt and the entire uniforms is spic and span all the time.

Competent EMS crews know the importance of looking smart all day. When you sport a neat, professional look, you build the confidence of the people you help in demanding situations. If your EMS shirt is torn, dirty and with a disheveled appearance, people might begin to doubt your capacity to handle such a situation. If you feel confident about your image, it’s easy to bring calm and control in the worst of emergencies. The image you cut out there is always important.

 Maintain the Professional Look

EMS uniform service has stipulations about the way crews should dress. However, you have the prerogative to control and depict your person as capable. The shirt you wear helps depict your professionalism any time or day before you rush out to attend to an emergency call, you should remember a few useful tips. Your shirt should always be stain free and crisp, if you arrive at a location with a dirty look, it doesn’t show well on you or your profession.

The EMS uniform shirt should be of a high quality. The shirt should be pressed and clean all the time. At times, EMT personnel get to work in less casual situations. This is a great chance to pick a knit shirt that identifies you as a paramedic. Even when it’s a social gathering, you should wear an EMS shirt that gives you a professional appearance. If there is an emergency, people will be able to notify you and it’s easy to build trust with them as a certified emergency response expert. It’s important that the shirt has noticeable identifiers to show that you are an EMT.

EMTs work all day. Their shirts require constant washing; this means that you should choose a fabric that can withstand frequent washing. The fabric should be durable and the construction sturdy. The material should be able to cope with mud splatters, soot or even blood stains. It’s important to choose impervious material to avoid blood contamination. It’s equally important to ensure that the shirt has proper color fastness; you won’t be looking professional in a faded shirt.

Whereas the EMT shirt should remain neat, the color doesn’t really matter. You can perform your duty whether it’s blue, white or gray. You can decide to pick between pullover, buttoned, polo or T-shirts. What matters most is that you have the professional look minus the wrinkles. If it’s a button-down shirt, make sure that the buttons are up fully buttoned except the top one.

When shopping for EMT crew shirts, it’s advisable to remember several factors. The EMS shirt should be sturdy in construction, or it will wear and tear in no time. It’s important that the fit is right and the size is correct to offer all day comfort. If you opt for smaller, restrictive shirts, you will hamper the technicians’ productivity. If they are too baggy, it may hamper operations during a rescue mission. At the same time, it’s wise to assess the weather around such that you choose matching fabrics that are compatible to the dominant climate conditions.

At times, it’s important to choose between short and long sleeve shirts. If in hot weather, short sleeves are ideal due to their ability to keep the technician cool. Long sleeves will work better in cold conditions although personal preference is important when making the choice. For easy maintenance, check to see if the shirt is machine washable and whether it can withstand special cleaning requirements such as dry cleaning.

It’s true that the EMS shirt fabric has a direct connection with mobility and durability. Before you buy, it helps to check the weight of the fabric. The fabric should provide protection since emergencies can be reported any time regardless of the weather. However, make sure that it’s lightweight such that it can be worn all day.

Since EMTs are exposed to dirt and grease or bold stains, it’s important to choose a fabric that has fast stain releasing capacity. You should choose a material that has wrinkle resistance or durable press properties such that it doesn’t have to be ironed all times. It’s advisable to choose material with water repellent qualities. It’s wise to pick fabrics with high moisture wicking qualities. It is easy for a rescue officer to stay dry even when it rains heavily.

 Our EMS Shirts

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  1. Women's Long Sleeve Henley Shirt


    Women's Long Sleeve Henley Shirt
  2. Men's Short Sleeve Navy Tagless T-Shirt


    Men's Short Sleeve Tagless T-Shirt
    $63.95 As low as $41.57
  3. Men's Long Sleeve Navy Knit T-Shirt


    Men's Long Sleeve Knit T-Shirt
    $65.95 As low as $42.87
  4. Men's Navy Concealed-Gripper Pocketless Shirt


    Men's Concealed-Gripper Pocketless Shirt
    $71.95 As low as $46.77
  5. Men's Button-Front Khaki Work Shirt


    Men's Button-Front Work Shirt
    $73.95 As low as $48.07
  6. Women's Dress Shirt


    Women's Dress Shirt
    $77.95 As low as $50.67
  7. Men's 5.25 OZ Button-Front Light Blue Dress Uniform Shirt


    Men's 5.25 OZ Button-Front Dress Uniform Shirt
    $77.95 As low as $50.67
  8. Women's 7 OZ Dress Uniform Shirt


    Women's 7 OZ Dress Uniform Shirt
    $79.95 As low as $51.97
  9. Men's 6 OZ Uniform Shirt


    Men's 6 OZ Uniform Shirt
    $79.95 As low as $51.97
  10. Men's 7 OZ Silver Grey Dress Uniform Shirt


    Men's 7 OZ Dress Uniform Shirt
    $79.95 As low as $51.97
  11. Men's Light Blue Denim Dress Shirt


    Men's Demin Dress Shirt
    $85.95 As low as $55.87
  12. Women's Plaid Dress Shirt


    Women's Plaid Dress Shirt
    $88.95 As low as $57.82
  13. Men's Long Sleeve Orange Tagless Flame-Resistant Henley Shirt


    Men's Long Sleeve Tagless Flame-Resistant Henley Shirt
    $88.95 As low as $57.82
  14. Men's 7 OZ Snap-Front Tan Deluxe Shirt


    Men's 7 OZ Snap-Front Deluxe Shirt
    $91.95 As low as $59.77
  15. Men's Excel ComforTouch Teal/Brown Plaid Uniform Shirt


    Men's Excel ComforTouch Plaid Uniform Shirt
    $93.95 As low as $61.07
  16. Men's Plaid Dress Shirt


    Men's Plaid Dress Shirt
    $93.95 As low as $61.07
  17. Men's 6 OZ Red Dress Uniform Shirt


    Men's 6 OZ Dress Uniform Shirt
    $93.95 As low as $61.07
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