Food Processing Outerwear

Within the food processing industry, protective outerwear is essential for chefs and other workers in food processing plants. There are many options for coats, aprons, butcher coats, chef hats and others. While outerwear in this industry offers protection from spills and splatter, it’s important that they also offer comfort and durability. It’s advisable to choose outerwear that has a sturdy construction, and one that can withstand the pressures of a busy workplace.

If you are looking for chef outerwear, it’s important to assess the types of fabric on offer. Choose materials that can withstand or repel grease or food stains. Different fabrics have their unique properties; you should study them before you make the final decision. Twill and Teflon are a good example. You need to prioritize on outerwear fabrics that offer breathability in a hot kitchen. Also, ensure that you choose material that can stand frequent laundering. Remember, outerwear for the kitchen should offer easy movement; after all, there is a lot of moving up and down, bending and stretching between workstations.

Choosing the right outerwear for your staff is crucial; it’s wise to note that they will be wearing these garments for long hours. This is why the outerwear pieces need to be comfortable and look great at the same time. There is nothing too technical with choosing these garments, even though the options are quite many, you only need to follow the right tips and talk to the right experts, if you are stuck.

Where It Is Being Used

Before you chose food processing outerwear, it's important to look at the location or workplace in question, hot kitchens can be intense to work in. This is where you need to consider fabrics that are engineered to enhance breathability. Always choose jackets with vents to allow moisture or sweat to escape. These fabrics make it easy for cool air to circulate, leaving the wearer cool in a super hot kitchen.

When you buy outerwear for the kitchen; chef coats or pants, they require constant washing. If you have to bleach or put them through industrial washing all the time, you need to ensure that the material is hardly enough to withstand daily washes. You need to ensure that the fastenings; zippers or buttons are able to withstand machine washing. You should prefer poly-cotton blends since they are hardy and they release moisture fast.

The Fabric

One of the most important factors when choosing chef jackets or outer pants is selecting the right fabric. You can opt for pure cotton, polyester or a poly cotton mix. Polyester is cheap but if its 100%, it can compromise comfort. The best option is a blend, which usually comes in at 65% poly and 35% cotton. This is an ideal mix for utmost comfort and durability. You should strive to seek the balance between heavy outerwear for durability and lightweight fabrics for comfort.

The Buttons

Food processing or kitchen outerwear needs to stay in place during action. These garments come with a variety of fasteners or buttons. You can opt for conventional plastic buttons, but there are other fasteners that add some style to the outfit. Embroidered buttons or fabric covered ones can spice up the look on a chef’s coat or jacket. If the kitchen is too hot, buttons that might melt are not recommended.

The Cuffs

Kitchen coats or jackets come with different cuff designs. It’s important to choose cuff that stays in place. Whereas the chef can roll up the sleeves, it’s important to pick finished cuffs that come with elastic fastening


Food processing outerwear comes in a variety of colors. Traditionally, white and black were the staple colors. Today, there are different colors such as gray for coats, checkered, striped or plain colors for pants. It’s advisable to assess the image you want to build for your restaurant or food plant. It’s okay to be creative with the colors. If they match with the activities going on in the kitchen, you will achieve your goals.

Fit and Style

Traditional outerwear including coats used to have full-length sleeves. Today, sleeves can be custom made to enhance functionality. You want to feel free when handling tasks. However, you should look at the specifics of your industry or restaurant and pick sleeves that match. For instance, some sectors are better handled with full sleeves for added protection. Whatever you pick, make sure it’s the right fit, but don’t throw a bit of style out of the window.

Where to Buy Chef Coats

When you want the best food processing outerwear, there are many outlets out there. The online platform has many retailers, who stock all manner of garments for added protection and comfort in kitchens and other food processing work areas. If you are purchasing for the entire staff, bulk orders are likely to give you a great discount. Remember to transact with reputable outlets; trusted retailers will always supply quality garments all the time.

Our Food Processing Outer Wear

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For more information about our food processing outerwear, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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  1. White Men's 4-Button Lab Coat


    Men's 4-Button Lab Coat
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    Men's 4-Gripper Lab Coat
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  6. White Women's Red Kap Lab Coat


    Women's 6-Gripper Front Lab Coat
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  7. Red Kap Men's White Notch Collar Lapel Counter Coat


    Men's Notch Collar Lapel Counter Coat
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  8. Red Kap Womens Light Blue Lab Coat Button Front


    Women's 6-Button Front Lab Coat
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  9. Red Kap Men's White Specialized Cuffed Lab Coat


    Unisex Specialized Cuffed Lab Coat
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  10. Red Kap Women's White Staff Coat


    Women's Staff Coat
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  11. Red Kap Men's White Staff Coat


    Men's Staff Coat
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  12. Men's Concealed Snap-Front Lab Coat - 7 oz.


    Men's Concealed Snap-Front Lab Coat - 7 oz.
  13. Men's Flame Resistant Lab Coat - 6 oz.


    Men's Flame Resistant Lab Coat - 6 oz.
    $163.95 As low as $106.57
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