Today, we live in a world where presentation matters a lot. There was a time when products and services were the only means to judge a company. Today, the consumers have become far more demanding and are aware of multiple things. They are knowledgeable and expect the company to reach the benchmark. The consumers are willing to pay for the services that are above their expectations. Let us take the example of Hotel Industry. It is the most volatile industry where the Government rules and regulations play a major role. Presentation holds a greater value in this sector.

The staff members are asked to follow the dress code which is basically the industry norm. The housekeeping must wear the uniform, the gloves, an apron and other important things that are a must to maintain the hygiene. Whether the staff members present themselves before the guests or are into backend services, maintaining the cleanliness, hygiene and quality are a must. Our hands are prone to attract dust and if this is one major reason housekeeping gloves are recommended. You would have hardly seen the housekeeping staffs without the gloves. It is an integral part of the uniform and it prevents the dust and bacteria to get transferred from one place to another.

It is highly impossible to wash your hands frequently or use a sanitizer every now and then. The best option is to opt for housekeeping gloves. They will protect your skin from getting rough and damaged. You might find it difficult to work with gloves in the initial days but, once you are used to it, you will enjoy the comfort.

Types and importance of Housekeeping Gloves:

If you are in the hotel industry, housekeeping gloves are required at every stage. Right from the room cleaning services to laundry to the cooking services, gloves are used. There are several types of housekeeping gloves and one can select depending upon the need. The housekeeping gloves could be the disposable ones, the cotton ones or the rubber ones. The disposable gloves can be used for a temporary purpose. The rubber gloves are made out of rubber and are mainly used to protect the hands from chemicals. It is mainly used during the dishwashing process to avoid the detergent hampering the skin.

The dishwashing bar and liquids are made of high chemicals which affect the skin if it comes in direct contact. The rubber gloves act as a barrier between the skin and the chemicals. These gloves can also be used for room cleaning purpose. The latex is a form of rubber and helps to get an easy grip. You can easily get a hold of the products. There are several colors and designs of the rubber gloves that can be purchased based on the necessity. No longer you have to deal with the same boring designs and colors of housekeeping gloves.

The cotton gloves are used especially in the cooking zone. They are long lasting and have a permanent place in the hotel industry. Gone are the days when the cotton gloves were available only in white color as white was the standard color for the hotel industry. Today, there are several designs and colors of cotton housekeeping gloves that not only serves the purpose but also looks sophisticated.

Our Housekeeping Gloves:

At UniformInStock, we have a vast range of housekeeping gloves that are made of high quality and are suitable for all the types of environment. There are several sizes, variants, and colors that we offer to the clients. Every hotel has their own requirement and we keep the stock based on our client’s requirements. Quality is always important to us and we verify all the housekeeping gloves before selling to our clients’. We believe in changing with the change, hence keep ourselves updated with the latest trends in the hotel industry.

We know the importance of professionalism in the hotel industry and this is one reason for us to choose our products very wisely. Not all the housekeeping gloves go well with the hotels. We offer colors that are unique in nature and look classy after being worn. Have a look at our black and white housekeeping gloves that are very elegant and will also take care of your comfort level.

The sizes vary from X-Small to X-Large and the clients’ can order as per their need. We are also very reasonable with our prices as we believe in giving quality products at a bare minimum price. We deliver the products on time and ensure that our clients don’t suffer because of the products not reaching at their place at the right time. We are punctual with our products and services. Once you place an order, we start processing it and we allow our clients to track the order. We also update our clients’ with emails about the latest collection.

Thus, if you are looking for a reliable partner from where you can purchase your housekeeping gloves, UniformInStock is the right firm to get in touch with. We have served millions of clients;’ in the hospitality industry and are glad to satisfy them. We are highly reliable in terms of customer delivery and services. If you want to place a bulk order of housekeeping gloves, do not think twice, just drop us an email or visit our website. We will assist you in all the possible ways.

 For more information about our selection of housekeeping gloves, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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