Law Enforcement Outerwear

Successful law enforcement outerwear is a tool, not just a piece of useful clothing. Outerwear has to be useful in a lot of different situations and in stressful situations that law enforcement professionals often find themselves in. Effective outwear should not just allow you to look professional; it must help you to stay warm, dry as a bone, and safe in a variety of situations such as traffic and common chemicals.

When searching for quality outerwear, you must evaluate all of the fundamental components of a new jacket or coat with regards to the climate in which you work. You also need to think about accepted levels and kinds of physical activity that you need to put your law enforcement outerwear through. There are a number of key outerwear considerations to ensure that you buy the exact product for your needs.

Outerwear Fabrics

A coat’s outer fabric is the ultimate layer of fabric that will be visible to yourself and the public. Companies like Red Kap use a wide variety of fabrics that will offer diverse characteristics in variables in terms of the look, robustness, breathability, flexibility and weatherproofing. For example, outer shells made out of nylon are characteristically found to be more hard-wearing and crisp looking than outer fabrics such polyester, except that they will not offer the equivalent degree of colour fastness as polyester fabrics.

This is why many Law Enforcement outerwear options are naturally made from good quality polyester, where for the most part duty jackets have nylon outer shells. Whether the fabric is back coated or not this has much impact on the coat or jackets look and comfort. While an additional coating gives the exterior more body and will ultimately hold the stitching better.

It will also avoid body heat and sweat from escaping. This means that your coat should not make the wearer feel warm and or damp. a quantity of exterior fabrics is able to triumph over this with hard working outwear that are printed on with an assortment of patterns that permit heat and sweat to with no trouble pass through. In any case, whichever type of material your coat or jacket is made of, it should be comparatively quiet when you are wearing it and that it is coated with a durably water-repellent treatment.

Lining Membranes

The sort of waterproof liner that is built-in to an outerwear item of clothing is of equal significance to the category of fabric used in the outer shell. A majority of outerwear garments available to buy today have waterproof membranes. This is obviously meant to keep you dry in rainy weather conditions. Yet, there is an enormous degree of variation in the superiority of waterproof membranes at the level of breathability and resilience.

Higher quality liner membranes like the Red Kap Zip-In/Zip-Out Liner offer some extent of movement in addition to being waterproof. The advantage of this is that breathable inner liners keep out water, at the same time as letting body heat and sweat to escape keeping you comfortable. Law Enforcement Outerwear that has non-breathable liners often causes you to turn out to be damp and consequently cold on the inside of the coat. Liner resilience is in addition a key identifier between high quality and lower-end outerwear. A lot of waterproof liners offer first-rate performance when original, but can swiftly break down when continually exposed to the cold and wet unless you are careful.

For this very reason it is significant to think about the manufacturer warranties for the outerwear. You should think about whether your job requires high levels of defence from more than just light rain. A quantity of liners can provide protection against things like blood borne pathogens such as hepatitis, plus common chemicals for instance pool cleaning chemicals and bleach. Often these chemicals will not only injurious to humans, but are as well known to breakdown conservative waterproof membranes leaving them of no value. A higher-performance inner membrane will provide extra defensive benefits.

Warm Wear

If you are out working in colder conditions, the value and versatility of your outerwear’s thermal liner is central to your comfort. You can buy outwear with thermal liners that may be made with an assortment of materials and that can offer you a range of thermal ratings. Quilted fleeces are more often than not ideal for drawn out exposure to very cold weather for the reason that they are extremely insubstantial, breathable and they produce a competent micro-climate around your torso. The adaptability of a thermal liner can what's more noticeably influence how you will be wearing your outerwear. Think about things like whether a liner can be unzipped out and whether or not it can be worn alone as an additional jacket.


It is important to think about what other clothing you will be wearing underneath your Law Enforcement Outerwear. Fleeces, sweaters, and base-layers can have an immense impact on the thermal job coat will make available. It is possible to make the most of layering systems to accomplish flexible thermal protection for the duration of physical activities in an extensive range of climates.

When shaping your layering system, you need to be conscious of your coat’s liner. Any liner must be warm but not too hulking. The best jacket liners can be separated leaving you with a lightweight shell jacket that makes available comfort and protection. Ensure that the complete outfit breathes well to put a stop to heat build-up when worn in a vehicle.

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  1. Red Kap Men's Black Zip in Zip Out Liner


    Zip-In/Zip-Out Liner
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  2. Slash Pocket Jacket


    Slash Pocket Jacket
    $40.95 As low as $26.62
  3. Solid Team Jacket


    Solid Team Jacket
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  4. Duo-Tone Team Jacket


    Duo-Tone Team Jacket
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  5. Enhanced Visibility Perma-Lined Panel Jacket


    Perma-Lined Panel Jacket
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  6. Blended Duck Zip Front Hooded Jacket


    Blended Duck Zip Front Hooded Jacket
    $78.95 As low as $51.32
  7. Soft Shell Jacket


    Soft Shell Jacket
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  8. Blended Duck Chore Coat


    Blended Duck Chore Coat
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  9. Hi- Visibility Ike Jacket-Class 3 Level 2 X Stripping Configuration


    Hi- Visibility Ike Jacket-Class 3 Level 2 X Stripping Configuration
    $107.95 As low as $70.17
  10. Black Heavyweight Parka


    Heavyweight Parka
    $125.95 As low as $81.87
  11. Hi- Visibility Ike Jacket-Class 2 Level 2


    Hi- Visibility Ike Jacket-Class 2 Level 2
    $145.95 As low as $94.87
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12 Items