Restaurant Pants

Pants are a must-have for everyone. They are versatile, come in a wide range of styles, and can be a great way to dress for almost any occasion. In restaurant environments, for example, we get to see different types of pants worn by different individuals. Each of these pants offers different styles and patterns which shows just how diverse pant designs can be.

Pants have been embraced with open arms as they have given most people a variety of styles to wear different outfits with. For example, pants can be worn with dress shirts, tee shirts and sweat shirts as well. Consequently, pants can be worn with tunics and smocks too. If matched up correctly, anything can be worn with pants and look good.

At eateries and restaurant environments, pants are often worn with dress shirts as the idea behind this is to spark a formal look especially from the waiters and the waitresses. Waiters and waitresses at restaurants have to wear exquisite pants to strike camaraderie or an instant rapport with the customers. Remember customers love properly dressed waiters, right? So, in the event that your hotel or restaurant has beautifully dressed waiters, you can be sure your retainer will be just as good.

Most waiters and waitresses for that matter, love wearing pants, as pants are always comfortable to be in all day long. Consequently, pants have side pockets which allow waiters and waitresses to house a pen and a paper which they use to take customers’ orders. From the latter, it is evident that pants are very efficient in the eatery or restaurant environment.

What to consider when choosing pants to be worn by restaurant staff

  • Ease – This pretty much means that you should always choose pants which are comfortable to be worn. Imagine a waiter or a chef walking in pants they are uncomfortable in all day long – their productivity will surely go down the drain as they are always filling uptight and more and more uncomfortable by the minute. To avoid this and to increase your employees’ productivity, purpose to choose comfortable pants for your staff.
  • Size – This coalesces with the above point on ease. Comfort is always determined by size. If you choose tight or very fitting pants, you won’t be comfortable wearing them and vice versa.
  • Material – Choose pants made of cotton or polyester – they are long lasting (durable), easy to wash and maintain.

Our Pants

At UniformsInStock, we do appreciate the fact that pants are the most worn piece of apparel globally. Subsequently, pants are also the most worn piece of apparel in the hospitality industry as they can be worn by both men and women. Having this at the back of our minds, we have stocked up plenty of pants to meet the needs of our customers who are always our top priority. All the pants we have stocked up at UniformsInStock are guaranteed to satisfy you as we have a wide range of pants to choose from.

We have the Men's Plain Front Cotton Pant which is adeptly designed by famous designer Red Kap. The Men's Plain Front Cotton Pant is made of cotton which is a good material as it guarantees durability and ease in maintenance. Its waist is non-expandable so you might want to get the correct waist size when doing your shopping. Its front is plain and little or no room has been left for decoration as it also lacks pleats. It also has a solid pattern. It is available in three colors: khaki, black and navy – this gives you few good options. We also have it stocked up in a wide range of waist sizes to ensure you find just the correct size for you.

The Men's Pleated Twill Slacks is also available at UniformsInStock. It is a bit adorned as it has pleats and twill slacks. Red Kap is responsible for this exquisite design. We have also stocked it up in a wide array of colors and especially colors that would go well in a restaurant environment. These colors are black, charcoal, navy and khaki. Consequently, it is available in a variety of waist sizes. Having a non-expandable waist, ensure you choose the correct waist size.

The Classic Chef Pant With 3" Elastic Waist is fully stocked at UniformsInStock. From its name, we can easily deduce that it is specially designed for chefs. Uncommon threads have designed this piece of pants and are available in black and white colors. The choice to stock the pants in these colors came from appreciating the fact that these colors auger increasingly well in the hospitality industry. It is a compound of polyester and cotton which makes them durable and easy to maintain.

Houndstooth Classic Chef Pant With 2" Elastic Waist With Zipper is designed particularly for chefs in the hospitality industry. We have only stocked it in white color as most chefs wear white. It has three pockets – two on the side and one on the back. The beauty with this piece of apparel is that its waist is elastic which means people with varying waist sizes can rock these pants. However, we have stocked it up in varying sizes to let our customers get just the right size for their body.

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  1. Houndstooth Kitchen Pant


    Houndstooth Kitchen Pant
    $19.95 As low as $12.97
  2. Black Kitchen Pant


    Black Kitchen Pant
    $19.95 As low as $12.97
  3. White Classic Chef Pant With 3" Elastic Waist


    Classic Chef Pant With 3" Elastic Waist
    $19.95 As low as $12.97
  4. Black Traditional Chef Pant


    Black Traditional Chef Pant
    $21.95 As low as $14.27
  5. Houndstooth Women's Chef Pant


    Houndstooth Women's Chef Pant
    $23.95 As low as $15.57
  6. Black Women's Chef Pant


    Black Women's Chef Pant
    $23.95 As low as $15.57
  7. Navy Uncommon Cargo Chef Pant


    Uncommon Cargo Chef Pant
    $25.95 As low as $16.87
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