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The restaurant environment is one full of unique, yet distinct fashion styles. But it is also supplemented by the fashion choices of the restaurant personnel. These personnel include waiters, chefs, valets and bartenders. Worth noting are the types of shirts often worn by restaurant personnel. Shirts are a necessary good in a restaurant environment. They can be interesting, stylish, comfortable, and very versatile too. They can even indicate a specific department, especially if these shirts are branded.

In older times, shirts were often worn as undergarments and were not openly advertised as a stylish clothing item. However, in these modern day and times, shirts are being worn both as outer garments and under garments since fashion has evolved over the years. Shirts have a long history as their origin dates way back in 3000BC. However, shirts hit the mainstream fashion market in Europe and America in the nineteenth century where they gained a lot of popularity.

The beauty of shirts is that they are made for both men and women, and they can form part of just about any outfit. In 1860 the female shirt was designed, and the invention was very useful it has seen waitresses in restaurants wear shirts just like waiters and male valets.

Restaurant shirts have the effect of making the restaurant itself look exquisite as those serving the customers look exquisite as well. Research shows that restaurants that have their staff wear uniforms have more customers compared to those with plain clothed staff. The reason behind this is that most people love the class that comes with such restaurants. In fact, most restaurants with uniformed staff provide quality services and appear organized right from their staff to the services they offer.

Shirts play a very important role in restaurant environs as they are a must wear if a restaurant decides to uniform its staff. To this effect, employers should always be very prudent when choosing shirts for their restaurant staff. Here are a few factors one should consider when choosing shirts for restaurant staff such as cooks, waiters, waitresses, chefs and valets.

Factors to consider when choosing shirts for restaurant staff

  • Size – This is a paramount consideration. You have to consider and look at the size of each of your employees so that they won’t wear baggy or too tight shirts. Remember comfort in what one wears in a working environment increases one’s output. Hence if you want your employees output to increase, make sure that you choose the right shirt sizes for them. The right shirt sizes will also make your employees look presentable.
  • Material – Shirt materials matter a lot. The material by and large determines the shirts’ durability. The best of shirts are made of either cotton or polyester. These two materials have the reputation of lasting on each product they are a part of.
  • Design – Always have at the top of your mind that shirts for your staff should make them stand out as staff members. To this effect, choose something unique and distinguishing to make them standout.

Our shirts

We have the Long Gripper Closure Cook Shirt which has a solid pattern. The shirt is designer as it has been carefully and marvelously designed by the famous chef designs. As it is a cook shirt, the shirt bears short sleeves and has no pleats whatsoever. The shirt is made of a mixture of polyester and cotton. We have only stocked the shirt in white only but rest assured we have packed the shirt in many neck sizes to ensure that there is a perfect fit for you.

We also have the Gripper Closure Cook Shirt with a Pocket which is made and crafted by Chef Designs. Cook shirts should always be short sleeved. As such, the above shirt is stocked up only in short sleeves. Such kind of shirts need minimal or no decorations and as such, the shirt bears no decorative pleats. The shirt is a compound of polyester and cotton. This makes the shirt very durable and easy to wash. At UniformsInStock, we have the shirt supplied in white and black colors only, as this are the universal restaurant shirt colors.

We also have the Gripper Closure Cook Shirt , a short sleeved plain shirt. The shirt’s material is made of an assortment of polyester and cotton. The latter fact makes the shirt long lasting. We have done our market research and found that most cook shirts are white in color. To this effect, we have stocked this shirt in white only. The white color is also increasingly formal. It also has a collar and harbors close to 6 to 7 buttons.

The Button-Front Cook Shirt - With Pocket is also available at UniformsInStock. For starters, the shirt is designer. Chef designs have prudently designed this shirt but left no room for decoration as cook shirts should look increasingly formal. Its sleeves are short for comfort and flexibility purposes. Polyester and cotton materials make up this shirt. It has a breast pocket too and is available in plain white color.

Checked V-Neck Chef Shirt can also be made your head chef’s shirt because of its uniqueness. It is checked and short-sleeved harboring a solid pattern. It is made of cotton and designed by chef designs. It is a classic fit.

The Mandarin Collar Shirt is designed by uncommon threads. It is short sleeved and non-pleated. It is made of an amalgam of polyester and cotton and is a classic fit. It is available in white and black color and also available in a wide range of neck sizes to meet the needs of our buyers.

For more information about our restaurant shirts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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  1. Men's Snag-Proof Polo


    Men's Snag-Proof Polo
    $10.95 As low as $9.31
  2. Mandarin Collar Shirt


    Mandarin Collar Shirt
    $11.95 As low as $7.77
  3. Gripper Closure Cook Shirt with a Pocket


    Gripper Closure Cook Shirt with a Pocket
    $12.95 As low as $8.42
  4. Men's Snap Front Hi-Performance Polo


    Men's Snap Front Hi-Performance Polo
    $19.95 As low as $16.96
  5. Men's Pique Polo


    Men's Pique Polo
    $14.95 As low as $12.71
  6. Women's HiPerformance Mesh Polo


    Women's HiPerformance Mesh Polo
    $17.95 As low as $15.26
  7. Women's Pique Polo


    Women's Pique Polo
    $14.95 As low as $12.71
  8. Long Polyester Cook Shirt


    Long Polyester Cook Shirt
    $15.95 As low as $10.37
  9. Men's White Martin Dress Shirt


    "Martin" Dress Shirt
  10. Men's Hi-Performance Mesh Polo


    Men's Hi-Performance Mesh Polo
    $17.95 As low as $15.26
  11. Snappy-V Chef Shirt


    Snappy-V Chef Shirt
    $17.95 As low as $11.67
  12. Women's Johnny Collar Mesh Polo


    Women's Johnny Collar Mesh Polo
    $17.95 As low as $15.26
  13. Men's Cotton Pique Polo


    Men's Cotton Pique Polo
    $18.95 As low as $16.11
  14. Men's Pique Polo with Stripe Accent


    Men's Pique Polo with Stripe Accent
    $18.95 As low as $16.11
  15. LadiesRoyal Pique Polo with Stripe Accent


    Women's Pique Polo Stripe Accent
    $18.95 As low as $16.11
  16. Women's White Tuxedo Shirt 1/4 Pleat


    Women's Tuxedo Shirt 1/4 Pleat
    $23.95 As low as $20.36
  17. Men's Mesh Polo with Tipped Collar


    Men's Mesh Polo with Tipped Collar
    $19.95 As low as $16.96
  18. Steel Grey Ladies Mesh Tipped Collar Polo


    Women's Mesh Polo-Tipped Collar
    $19.95 As low as $16.96
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