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There are a million and one ways of wearing skirts; more so because they are worn by ladies who love to try out new styles every day. A skirt is basically the bottom part of a long gown or dress. Consequently, a skirt can be a completely detached outer garment that serves the purpose of covering the body parts below the waist. Skirts hit the mainstream fashion industry in the 19th Century where the western sphere embraced the apparel with open arms. This was probably because skirts were seen as a very versatile piece of apparel; one that would give women diverse styles to rock every day.

With respect to the latter, skirts have been worn in varying environments, both formal and informal (casual). For example, skirts can be worn to work (formal environs), and can also be worn to the park where the environment is a little bit laid back.

The hospitality industry, which mainly refers to hotels and restaurants, is one example of an environment skirts can be worn in. Waitresses, cooks/chefs and female valets make the most out of skirts as they have them on during working hours. Prudently designed and well-sewn skirts make waiters look exquisite and presentable. Waitresses wear skirts either with dress shirts, polo shirts and tee shirts as well. The latter shows how versatile skirts are. Most restaurant environments however prefer their waitresses wearing skirts with dress shirts or polo shirts as this give a way formal appeal when worn at restaurants. This kind of appeal is also appealing to customers as customers appreciate a well-dressed waiter and waitress.

In fact, research has it that, customers tend to tip good looking waiters and waitresses as this complements the good services they offer. Hotel and restaurant management have also found a niche in this industry, one that has a great connection with uniforms such as skirts. They have discovered that those joints with well-dressed waiters and waitresses bag a lot of customers on a daily basis. Consequently, these customers become return customers as time goes by – this translates to huge profits. Want a good retainer from your restaurant? Dress your staff professionally and customers are guaranteed to follow – combine this with excellent service and they will be customers for life.

Features of good restaurant skirts

  • Design – a well-designed skirt meets the cut for a good restaurant skirt. Some restaurants love skirts with long slits which is actually a good design for waitresses. Consequently, short slits might auger well for waitresses who love such.
  • Length – restaurant skirts can be of any length provided that they are not too short. You will find some waitresses wearing long skirts and others wearing short knee length skirts. Short knee length skirts are designed this way to allow waitresses to bend, pick and lift restaurant items with ease.
  • Material – The best restaurant skirts are made of cotton, polyester and silk. Over the years, skirts made from these materials have proved to be increasingly durable and increasingly easy to maintain as well.

Our Skirts

UniformsInStock appreciates that waitresses have to look good in what they wear – both for their sake and for the customers’ sake. Well enlightened with this fact, we have stocked up different skirt designs for the hospitality industry. Believe us when we say that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We have the Straight Skirt which is a women’s fit skirt, adeptly designed by famous designer, Edwards. Consequently, the skirt is made from cotton which makes the skirt very durable. Maintaining it is also easy as cotton demands very little in maintenance. The skirt is available in three colors: black, navy and dark navy – this gives you pretty good choices to choose from. The skirt is also available in all sizes.

The Chino Skirt is also housed at UniformsInStock. Edwards has proficiently designed this skirt and you are guaranteed to love it. You don’t also have to worry about its durability as it is made from cotton which is long lasting. Catch the skirt in the following colors; Tan, Black and Navy. Maintaining the skirt is also easy as it requires very little in maintenance. The skirt is available at pocket friendly prices hence getting a bulk for your waitresses won’t be much of a big deal.

We also have the Microfiber Straight Skirt which is available in three colors: Tan, Navy and Black. We have it in all body sizes so be sure that all your waitresses will get the right body fit. Edwards has beautifully designed this microfiber skirt.

We also have long skirts for waitresses as well. We have the "Victoria" Black Tuxedo Skirt which is stocked up only in black. Famous designer Neil Allyn has designed this exquisite piece. Be guaranteed of the skirt’s durability as it is made of polyester which is also very easy to preserve. Catch the skirt in a variety of sizes as we have all body sizes stocked up to meet our customers’ needs.

The Pinstripe Skirt in Navy is also available. The skirt is pinstriped and available in a navy color. It is made of wool blend material and expertly designed by Edwards. Waitresses will look really good in this as it a knee sized skirt. Its comfort is also guaranteed as it is available in a wide range of body sizes.

For more information about our restaurant shirts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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  1. Edwards Straight Skirt


    Straight Skirt
    $39.95 As low as $33.96
  2. Edwards Chino Skirt


    Chino Skirt
    $41.95 As low as $35.56
  3. Edwards Long Chino Skirt


    Long Chino Skirt
    $43.95 As low as $37.36
  4. Edwards Microfiber Straight Skirt


    Microfiber Straight Skirt
    $44.95 As low as $39.06
  5. Victoria Black Tuxedo Shirt


    "Victoria" Black Tuxedo Skirt
  6. Edwards Synergy Washable Skirt


    Synergy Washable Skirt
    $57.95 As low as $49.26
  7. Edwards Dress Skirt


    Dress Skirt
    $71.95 As low as $61.16
  8. Edwards Pinstripe Skirt in Navy


    Pinstripe Skirt in Navy
    $71.95 As low as $61.16
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8 Items