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Behind The Award Shows: Chef Edition

With the 75th Golden Globe Awards kicking off awards season, it really begun to make us think about everything that goes into pulling off an event as astronomic as an award show.

The number of people that work on an event like this to make it successful and look as regal as we all view it to be is probably more than most of us could ever understand. Between the stars, their team, the broadcasters from countless networks, the media and press, guests lucky enough to be invited, etc. It’s easy to forget that we’re forgetting some of the most important people!

The people who actually make award shows, like the Golden Globes, Oscars, Emmy’s, etc. what they are. The people that spend countless hours planning and organizing, preparing, decorating, adjusting, putting out fires; we could seriously go on for the entirety of the three-hour production with how much goes into pulling something this extravagant off.

Not all of the award shows that we love to watch are the same. Apart from being geared towards different categories and highlighting different Hollywood performances, there are differences that separate awards season. Each show, as mentioned, is geared towards different themes or parts of the Hollywood universe, but they are also on different levels. Some more serious than others, like the Oscars. Where shows like: The Emmys, Golden Globes, Grammy’s, etc. are a little more relaxed and free flowing.

One of the major things that sets the more relaxed shows apart from the others is that all of the guests in attendance are served food and beverages. Meaning that they get dinner and a show! But, this isn’t some casual steak and lobster dinner we’re talking about. This is nothing but the best of the best in the culinary industry, creating, showing their craft and serving to the best of the best in Hollywood.

Think about how big of a deal and how much pressure it is for these chefs to not only plan, coordinate, but cook and create culinary masterpieces for hundreds of people. Those plates you see sitting on the table when the camera pans to the audience, they were hand-crafted by some of the most proficient and brilliant chefs worthy of holding a task as large as this. How cool is that?

These chefs, culinary and pastry, are nothing short of professional. All wearing their custom made, white chef coats that represent their chef and their specialty. Working tirelessly to perfect and create these incredibly delicious and unforgettable dishes. Putting on their chef aprons in confidence knowing that the lucky people in attendance at these events are going to eat and (hopefully) adore and remember these special and unique meals.

So, the next time you watch an awards show (which should be frequent since there’s way more to come), remember about everyone behind the scenes. Doing their jobs to assure that events like this run as smoothly and look as flawless to the viewers that we all dream they do. That the chefs, production teams, event staff, etc. have all come together to make each year not only better, but more memorable than the last.