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If you are required to wear formal neckwear, our uniform store has all the items you need. Our neckwear includes ascots, bow ties, cravats, crossover ties, and neckties. This gives you all the options you need to look absolutely stylish at your next formal event. You may even be required to wear neckwear to work – which is why you should buy neckwear from our store.

Our neckwear items are available in many different colors, designs, materials, and more, allowing you to match your neckwear perfectly with your formal outfit. When you buy neckwear from us, you can filter your products according to these features, to find exactly what you need. We allow for a great online shopping experience, and an even easier store to navigate through.

Neckwear such as bow ties have been around for ages. It’s perfectly suited for a formal outfit, which you can wear to a formal event, or even to work, if your working environment requires it. Bow ties can also be available as a pre-tied option, which means that you don’t need to tie these bow ties on your own.

There are plenty of colors you can choose from when buying bow ties, including pink, grey, green, gold, blue and yellow. These are just some of the great colors available from our uniform store. These colors can complement your formal outfit perfectly, and you can also match your necktie with other accessories such as your cummerbund, pocket squares, shoes and more.

Bow ties offer a great way of portraying your personal style, as you can combine different elements and play around with colors and textures until you find what you need. You can wear bow ties to a variety of functions, including daytime and nighttime events. They are easy to wear, comfortable and versatile.

A formal necktie is a great way to accessorize your tuxedo outfit. With so many great colors and designs available, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Not only can you choose from solid colors, but you can also choose plenty of different patterns, making it easy to match them with your tuxedo outfit. You can also choose between regular and skinny formal neckties, to fit perfectly with your look.

You can take a look at our "Glitz" Onyx Crystal Bow Tie, which is a pre-tied bow tie made from crystal material. Pre-tied bow ties are more convenient to wear and this means comfort throughout your event. These bow ties are available in red, gold, blue, and grey. You can also go for our luxury satin bow ties, which come in a wide range of colors, like blue, green, pink, purple, burgundy, orange, yellow, and more.

Ascots are very stylish and very popular, and formal ascots are usually worn for ultra-modern daytime weddings and events. It also often forms part of your working attire. They are perfectly paired with a cutaway coat, and striped trousers. They are ideal to match with other accessories as well, making it easy to style your tuxedo for a formal event. Our formal ascots come in a wide range of colors, including asphalt, black, platinum and white. These colors are very stylish and they are ideal for your tuxedo.

We have a striped satin ascot, which is available in colors like black, ivory, silver and white. It is made from satin, and offers a beautiful striped pattern. You can also go for our luxury satin ascot, which is made from satin too, and features a solid pattern. It comes in colors like black. grey, white, and ivory.

Formal neckties, like our metallic gold necktie will never disappoint. From a stylish striped satin necktie, to a venetian necktie, we have all the ties you need for your work or corporate events. Our striped neckties are made from satin, and comes in a wide range of colors like purple, red, pink, yellow, brown, blue, and more. These neckties are all self-tie options, giving you even more convenience. They are made from various materials, including poly woven and satin.

Our tapestry neckties are very stylish and have a paisley design. They give the added style you need for your formal event, and is made by well-known designers. You can choose these ties in many different colors and patterns, so that you can be creative with your attire too.

We also stock a range of crossover ties, which offer a great alternative to traditional neck ties.

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When you buy neckwear from us, you know you’ll get quality and value for money. We stock a wide range of neckwear items, and you can easily search for the specific item you need. Neckwear is a great way to add style to your formal outfit or workwear, which is why they are so popular.

Another great benefit of buying neckwear is that you can have it customized for your specific business. for e.g., you can add your company logo or slogan to your entire outfit, making it easy for your customers to recognize, and boosting your brand at the same time.

Speak to one of our friendly sales representatives today, to find out how you can find the perfect neckwear item you need for your formal event or work function. We are always ready to help and we can assist you with working with our online store, ordering, receiving, and more.

For more information about our selection of neckwear, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.