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A shirt is honestly the foundation of any quality uniform, and when it comes to deciding which style shirt is best for your staff - focusing on your industry company and department will be immense help in making the overall decision.

Here at UniformsInStock, we offer a variety of different shirts & tops that not only cater to multiple industries, but multiple careers as well. Housekeeping tunics, dress shirts, tuxedo shirts, chef utility shirts, polo shirts and smocks are among the most popular style of shirts when looking to complete a uniform ensemble.

Vendors like Eagle Work Clothes, Edwards, Neil Allyn, Fame and Red Kap are our main providers when it comes to our leading popular shirts & tops. Within these vendors are different styles, colors and even patterns of shirts available.

As we mentioned before, working in different industries requires different uniforms, equipment, utilities along with working in different environments. But, have no fear because there is truly something for everyone on UniformsInStock to add whichever style shirt to your employee uniforms. Shirt options, like the black mandarin men's housekeeping service shirt (also available in merlot and brown - for women as well), the women's pewter housekeeping zip tunic, and the women's black pinnacle housekeeping tunic are all great and professional options for those working in the housekeeping, cleaning or hospitality industries.

Whereas the women's blue poplin 3-4 open neck blouse and the men's blue spread collar dress shirt are great for those manning the front desk or working directly with customers. Adding accessories, such as neckwear, aprons or blazers is also something that might be required or a beneficial edition to your uniform ensemble.

We offer a wide variety of aprons that are perfect for those working in the food and beverage, hospitality or culinary industries. Aprons from waist, bistro, cobbler and bib styles are available in different colors and patterns so that individuals can find exactly what they are looking for. Keeping that in mind, since a majority of business owners, managers, etc. are typically ordering in bulk, taking advantage of our bulk ordering incentive is something you might want to keep in mind! If ordering multiple of a certain item, we make it incredibly easy, so that the larger of quantity orders - the greater the discount! And who doesn't love a discount?  

If you're looking for a way to branch out, or give your staff or company uniforms an update, great way to help revamp those uniforms so they stand out and make a real memorable impact on clients and customers is to add a company logo or design. Lucky for you, we also offer the opportunity to customize your uniforms to your liking with either embroidery or screen printing. Customizing your employee uniforms is a great way to not only individualize your company, but make your staff feel apart of the team and increase positivity in the workplace.

For more information about our shirts, tops or any other product that you might be interested in - feel free to use our chat feature, which will connect you directly with a customer service agent, or contact us by filling out this form, and someone will be in touch!