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Chain Restaurants... AKA Uniform Gold

Let’s face it, regardless of where we are, it is extremely likely that a popular fast food or chain restaurant is not too far from us.

Sure, this can cause trouble for those looking to eat healthy, those in college after a long night, but it is also efficient and cost effective for busy families and people in general. The progress and changes throughout fast food and chain restaurants has of course increased throughout the years. Offering healthy options, using locally sourced produce, cleanliness, etc.

But, the taste of your burger or salad isn’t the only thing that has come a long way throughout the fast food and chain restaurant lifespan. Their uniforms have come a long way too. Uniforms are a custom in the food and beverage industry, and whether it’s your favorite fast food, or chain restaurant, chances are that seeing their uniform brings a sense of comfort and familiarity when you walk through that door.

One thing these restaurants all have in common is the fact that they have stand-out, memorable and specific uniforms. Most uniforms in the food and beverage industry are customized to some extent. Whether that be the company logo on their work shirt or cap, or a specific theme of colors that helps to represent and blend in with the theme and feel of the restaurant.

Below we have chosen four popular names that fall into the fast food and restaurant category where the food, atmosphere, and uniforms combine perfectly for a memorable dining experience.

In-N-Out Burger 
Unfortunately, if you don’t live or have visited the west coast, then In-N-Out is not even on your radar (which it should be). This place is a complete and total gold mine. The number of employees ranges from ten and up and each one is designated to a specific task in the customer experience both in the restaurant and drive-through. Their crisp white collared shirts, name tags, logo-printed hats and bright red aprons are all staple pieces of the In-N-Out uniform and are without a doubt just as memorable as the delicious food.


Sonic Drive-In
This retro vibe, old-school drive-in themed chain not only has awesome commercials and marketing, but nostalgic uniforms. A lot of Sonic eaters will use the drive-through to get their food quickly; but if you have the time, pulling up in their designated drive-in parking spots, and ordering through the big side-car menu is only half of the fun. Employees that are working the drive-in can be seen in a variety of different Sonic uniforms from their staple collared shirt, to different colored t-shirts with screen-printing on them. But, the real kicker is that they’re on roller-skates! That’s right, employees personally deliver your food on a tray (that connects to your car) to by roller-skating. It’s a great flashback and quite the entertaining dining experience if you ask us.


Johnny Rockets
Lunch or Dinner and a show – what more could you possibly want in a dining experience? Johnny Rockets offers another nostalgic experience for diners by transferring them back to the 50’s with their themed restaurant. Johnny Rockets offers old school food options, and pleasantly chipper servers that walk around in their timeless Johnny Rocket uniforms, which includes: a white button-up shirt, white apron with Johnny Rockets Logo, Khaki pants, and a bow tie to seal the deal. And if that wasn’t enough to sell you, they sing and dance. Throughout your experience at Johnny Rockets, chances are you might see a special singing and dancing number one or even multiple times. It’s all a part of the atmosphere that makes this restaurant so special.


T.G.I. Fridays
This sports bar, family and laid-back classic has been around for a long time. Watching their uniforms go from shirts with suspenders (and tons of flare) to currently more of a sporty and jersey look has really showcased the versatility of Fridays. The environment is always vibrant, the food is great for all ages and when it comes to chain restaurants, Friday’s definitely knows what they’re doing.