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Hotel Staff: The Definition Of "It Takes A Village"

In order for things to run smoothly, whether it be an event, workday, job shift, launch, movie, etc. it usually takes a number of people working together to truly make it work.

There are so many different roles, parts, jobs, time constraints, potential issues, etc. that could happen within just about every second of the day- so staying motivated and on top of your personal responsibilities is key to helping your co-workers and team’s success.

A specific industry that understands this to the biggest extent: The Hotel/ Hospitality industry. Hotels have an extremely large staff that there is not only a specific hotel manager, but a manager for each individual working team within the hotel. This including: the kitchen, front desk, concierge, restaurants and bars, security, housekeeping, etc. Whether the hotel is a massive establishment, or a quiet bed and breakfast, the standard stays the same.

Without each individual team doing what they are supposed to be doing, working together and staying on top of their schedules then the hotel will most likely not end up as a memorable experience for guests. Again, the hotel and hospitality industry is the true definition of “it takes a village.”

Think of it as dominos. You spend a significant amount of time organizing, creating a plan and then executing the plan. Without the proper planning, organizing and communication one domino slips and hits the other until the domino effect takes complete control and your design is gone- just like that. This, is how hotel staff (let alone any staff) becomes successful.

By each individual staff member, as well as the team they are on within the hotel, understanding what it is they need to do to support and assist their team is how excellent customer and hospitality is created. Assuring that all staff is communicating with one another, completely organized and prepared with each shift they work on, helps to provide a proper and professional appearance and attitude to guests. Management staying on top of this, and the hotel “village” pulling and working together to execute this day in and day out will ultimately will lead to happy and committed guests in the future and for a long time to come.