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Hotels, Resorts and Hospitality

When it comes to hotels and resorts, hospitality comes to mind. With it being one of the largest industries out there, the amount of people, teamwork and commitment it takes to have a hotel or resort run smoothly and efficiently - well, let's just say it takes a village. 

There are so many moving pieces and people working at all hours of the day in hotels and resorts because when you really think about it, there are so many different teams that make up a successful hotel. One of the key parts of this is presentation. That's right, because when you're working in the hospitality industry, the way you look does actually matter. Being put together, having a clean and pressed uniform, and a smile on your face is an absolute necessity when working in the hospitality industry. And not just because uniforms help guests know who actually works at the hotel and resort, but because presentation and attitude could be the difference between guests having a memorable stay vs. a forgettable one.

Uniforms are a big part of presentation when it comes to working in the hospitality industry. Whether you work as a security guard, or are one of the first people guests lay eyes on as a front desk leader; the uniform you wear speaks volumes about what guests can expect when staying at your hotel or resort.

For instance, for those working in the housekeeping sector of the hotel, housekeeping dresses are a great uniform option to keep things both professional and organized. For those working in the kitchen, chef wear - whether it be chef hats, chef coats and more. Hospitality shirts and tops are great options for those working in just about any other department as a women's blouse and men's polo shirt are both professional, clean cut and comfortable uniform choices that round out any look.

With so many options, it really shows you the versatility and options when it comes to shopping for the pieces that make up the prefect hotel and resort hospitality uniforms. For all of your uniform needs, please visit us at - and don't hesitate to reach out through our chat or at 1.888.301.9334 with any of your uniform questions.