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Motivation Is Key: How To Motivate Your Team Into Success

Anyone in the working world knows that it isn’t always rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes our jobs are difficult, sometimes our jobs present problems and sometimes we just need a boost of morale.

For managers, business owners, etc. out there, they know that these circumstances are not just true for them, but the team that they manage. Working with others isn’t always a walk in the park, but that’s the point of being a team – to learn to work together. It’s true what they say; you’re only as strong as you allow yourselves to be.

So, when things get rough and tough and team spirit is down what can you (as the manager or leader) do to change this? Negative energy can spread like wildfire and no one wants to work in a negative environment. Because it is then that negative energy transfers into low morale, and therefore performance. And that’s not what we want! We want our teams informed, strong, happy and motivated!

So here are some tips how to keep your team motivated into success:

  • Positive energy: It takes more than a quality uniform to male a team achieve ultimate success (although we think it's a great start). A positive working environment truly does make wonders. By assuring you and your team portray positive energy as well as a positive working environment surrounding each other makes employees happier and more motivated to come to work every day!
  • Communicate: In order to successfully work together, you MUST communicate. Having an open line for communication allows employees to feel comfortable to come to you or a team member when they’re in need of help, support or just generally have questions. If your team communicates efficiently, then the workflow will be equally (if not more) efficient.
  • Goals & Achievements: A Setting personal, as well as career goal is something that most of us are used to doing. This should be no different in the workplace. Whether it’s accomplishing a specific task, finishing a project before the deadline or increasing sales before the end of the quarter, we all have team goals we can work to achieve. Talk with your team; get ideas, brainstorm and work together to figure out the best ways to accomplish this. Assign roles and execute a plan to successfully accomplish those goals. And then recognize you and your team’s achievements. Celebrate, reward, and appreciate. By showing your team these characteristics it makes them feel good and know they did a job well done. And nothing motivates us like already coming off of a win!

These are just a few simplistic and routine things that are so easy to implement into weekly or monthly team meetings. Staying on top of these tips, and working together to create new tips will always lend to an accomplish and successful working team.