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Tips For Uniform Etiquette

When it comes to work, and it doesn't matter what industry - when you put a uniform on there are certain standards and guidelines that must be abided by. Some might call this "uniform etiquette."

Uniform etiquette can mean many things provided there are so many different working industries out there. But, the common denominator of them all is that by following these guidelines for wearing a uniform is necessary for the industry, the company and for your team as a whole.

Now, just because most industries require a working uniform when on duty doesn’t mean that all are one in the same. For example, those working in the casino & gaming industry are most likely going to be wearing a completely different uniform than those working in the health care industry. 

Uniform styles can most commonly be broken down into two different categories: formal and informal. Although they are similar in the sense that they provide a standardized and uniform look, they do come with different guidelines within those categories. 

For instance, those working in a more formal setting, such as within the hospitality industry, would wear a hotel and resort uniform, which presents a more formal attire and etiquette. When wearing a formal uniform, it’s important to remember:

  • No caps or hats on duty
  • No flip-flops or sandals without a backing strap
  • No showing of the shoulders allowed
  • No shirts with offensive language or images while on the property

These are just a few rules that you might stumble upon when working in a more formal industry. When it comes to sporting a uniform that is a little more informal, there are still guidelines, they just are within that specific industry and company guidelines.

For instance, uniforms in more informal settings can be more trendy, like sporting an restaurant apron at a restaurant or more comfortable and convenient like wearing a chef’s coat when working in the restaurant industry. Equally important and standard, but allow for a bit more of freedom and fun.

Either way, the main goal when sporting a uniform is to look presentable and also present as a professional working team. These tips and explanation of uniform etiquette is something that will not only help you understand the importance of wearing a uniform within your industry, but will help you feel that much more confident and give you an opportunity to put your best foot forward when on the job.