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TV Restaurants We All Wanted To Go To

You know them, you love them; and if we’re all being honest with ourselves, we have all at some point or another wished that these places we adore were real and somewhere we could go.

But, for the time in our lives on our television screens, they brought us joy, laughter, life lessons and so much more. That’s what makes these places and the people in them so memorable. So, let’s take a trip down memory lane to some of the most popular, loved and memorable restaurants and bars that will always have a special place in our hearts.

Central Perk – Friends 
There was one place made us all feel like we were a part of the “Friends” circle, and that place was the greatest coffee shop for a decade… Central Perk. Whether it was Gunther in a colorful necktie with his dry sense of humor, the colorful giant mugs we all wanted, or all those time Phoebe took over the live music, Central Perk was a hub for this group of friends. It was where they could talk, catch up, make plans and feel comfortable.



The Max- Saved by the Bell 
Okay, so our dreams came true (for a brief moment), when they actually brought The Max to life for a pop-up experience. One of the coolest looking diner’s where everything from fashion shows, to fights to dances seemed to take place on the glorious show Saved by the Bell. The Max was home to the crew so much, that even Jessie and Kelly threw on their server aprons and customized “The Max” shirts at one point to make some extra money throughout their high school years. This place was definitely the envy of all of our 90s dreams.



The Peach Pit – 90210 
This classic retro diner (with retro uniforms to match) was the most popular spot in Beverly Hills for the hit 90210. What started as a place of employment for Brandon, ended up becoming the gang’s favorite hangout spot. The Peach Pit was not only such a staple for these teens (at the time), but it also had some intense storylines and ends up being saved and taken over by Brandon in the end (who would clearly do anything to save it). The Peach Pit is a special place and reminds us all of a simpler time – for which we are grateful.



MacLaren’s – How I Met Your Mother 
Probably one of the most substantial and important places in How I Met Your Mother was MacLaren’s Pub. This is where the gang (Marshall, Lily, Robin, Ted and Barney) not only hung out all the time, but had so many pivotal moments throughout the course of the series. With Ted and Marshall’s apartment being right above the pub, it was not only convenient, but sort of became a second home. With memorable staff like: Carl, Wendy, Katrina and Doug, that all played important roles throughout the show as well – it’s hard to not have MacLaren’s on the list as a How I Met Your Mother and (make believe New York City) staple.



Cheers – Cheers 
A true Boston staple (that actually exists in Boston now – that’s how much it was loved) Cheers, the name of both the bar and the show had to be on our list. Run by a retired Red Sox pitcher, Cheers was the place where “Everybody Knows Your Name.” It was home away from home, it was the entirety of the show, it was a place full of characters that we have and will always adore.