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TV Shows That Let Their Uniforms Shine

Every now and then there are certain shows that speak to us. Whether they be sitcoms, docuseries, dramas, etc. We find ourselves binging, laughing, crying and learning the more we watch them.

Although there are a million different genres of television shows out there, there is something about shows that are centered around the workplace that allow the viewers to feel more connected. Maybe it’s because we can relate to a certain circumstance that is occurring, or maybe we connect with a specific character. Whatever the reasoning, it’s clear that the shows which are centered within the workplace are not just entertaining, but influential to viewers.

Whether it’s working in a Law Firm, Government Office, or even a company that sells paper; there are so many shows that we love that focus primarily on the employees within the workspace and their day-to-day lives. The gravitation towards shows like this, is why we have decided to make the focus of this blog about four specific (and different) shows that showcase hardworking, silly and courageous uniform wearing teams. Shows dedicated to different professional industries that leave us wanting more and keep us tuning in each week. The four shows we have selected are character, employee and industry focused, which allows them to not only entertain the viewers, but feel an attachment towards what they are watching.

The popular comedy sitcom Superstore, takes us into the world of the Cloud 9 bright blue vest wearing, quirky employees of the “superstore” called Cloud 9 in St. Louis, Missouri. With the show taking place within the actual workplace, the viewers get to tune in each week to watch the hilarious Cloud 9 employees and how they tackle the day-to-day, shenanigans while working in the world of bargain hunting, crazy customers.


Grey’s Anatomy 
Chances are if you watch this show, the scrubs wearing doctors have made you cry at some point or another. Grey’s Anatomy follows the hardworking medical employees ranging from interns to surgeons. Although they wear their Health Care Uniforms proudly, this hospital seems to attract way more drama than most. With personal lives conflicting with their work lives, the team has to consistently step up to the plate to tackle extreme, difficult and heartbreaking cases within each episode. We guess the connection to these characters and storylines is why Grey’s is still running strong after fourteen seasons!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine
A Law Enforcement show that has kept us laughing for five seasons now. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a sitcom that follows a team of detectives that work in Brooklyn at the 99th Precinct. An interesting team that consists of a by-the-book cop, a carefree and cocky cop, a sarcastic receptionist, a scaredy-cat Sergeant, a nerdy and emotional detective and their tough as nails Captain. Although they don’t always agree with how cases are handled, and through their antics and mishaps, the crew of Brooklyn Nine-Nine teaches us the importance of wearing a Law Enforcement Uniform, badge and teamwork. 


Better Off Ted
Better Off Ted focuses on the lies and evil tendencies of a science based Research and Development company. Try not to let the lab coats fool you, the employees of Viridian Dynamics will try (and experiment) on just about anything, such as their own employees, to complete a task. There is no project, whether it is creating killer pandas, dangerous technology, or influencing a Presidential Election that is too unethical for the people at Viridian and the antics they consistently have to manipulate their way out of.