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Vanderpump Can Rule A Uniform

If you’re addicted to Bravo like we are, chances are that you have probably heard of the Real Housewives franchise. If you have, then you’ll probably know (or secretly love watching) The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills; which in turn means that you most likely know who Lisa Vanderpump is. Lisa is the housewife originally from England with an extreme love for dogs and philanthropy, but will still tell it like it is if she deems necessary.

Due to Lisa being such a fan favorite since the beginning of The Real Housewives Beverly Hills, she gained a spin-off show that showcased another side of Lisa: Restaurant Owner. Enters the birth of Vanderpump Rules. Vanderpump Rules centers around the most popular and well known of Lisa’s restaurants located in West Hollywood named SUR. Another Bravo reality show we love to hate (but really do love), Vanderpump Rules primarily focuses on the staff that works at SUR and all of their millennial trials and tribulations while trying to balance their jobs and personal life (which you just know means endless amounts of drama).

Despite Vanderpump Rules consistently being shown in the tabloids for its dramatic but entertaining cast (that truly do work at SUR), there is an extremely successful restaurant that continues to thrive even when the cameras are off. SUR Bar and Lounge offers a trendy and unique dining experience to customers that was entirely designed by Lisa. It offers outside seating, a full bar and global cuisine along with a chic staff you could only expect in West Hollywood.  

SUR, which stands for “Sexy Unique Restaurant,” provides just that when it comes to a customer’s SUR experience. Now knowing what SUR actually stands for, it should be no surprise that the restaurant uniforms worn by the staff live up to the sexy and unique motto. When dining at SUR, you will notice the uniforms for the “SUR-vers” are nothing short of glamorous (as per Mrs. Vanderpump). Frequently changing the style of the uniforms, there is one thing that we noticed stays consistent for the business: boldness. The SUR-vers can usually be seen sporting a short dress that has stand-out bright colors, patterns, and sparkly accessories that live up to the SUR standard. As for the men on staff, you can regularly see them behind the bar or dishing out food wearing a black collared shirt with several of the buttons open to expose their manly chest and hopefully gain some extra tips.

At the end of the business day, SUR is just that, a business. Although it is broadcasted on national TV and displayed all over social media, it is a business that is run properly, professionally, and with good intent. SUR is a restaurant that offers hospitality, service and entertainment; and just like all other restaurants in the industry, they have a staff that puts on their work uniforms every day and goes to perform their job.