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Why Hospitality Will Never Go Out Of Style

The hotel and hospitality industry is one of the largest industries throughout the world. Travel and tourism is something that will always be popular, loved, and expanding. Whether locally, nationally, or globally the joy and excitement of going somewhere new is a feeling a lot of people thrive on.

With the increasing tourism and traveling in today’s millennial world, a lot of hotels now stand against some competition from the likes of websites and apps, such as: AirBnb, Home Away, and VRBO (to name a few). These sites lend access for potential travelers to search where they would like to visit and scroll through houses or rooms available for “rent” in that specified area. Once the vacationers stumble upon something they fancy, they are able to connect with the individual and place a simple deposit to rent the owners home or room for however long.

The convenience of planning and traveling like this has many benefits. The trip is completely controlled by the travelers which helps give a unique way to experience the city or town they’re visiting. It also helps the travelers to feel more at home and like a local by allowing them to live in a private home and cook by themselves without disturbances from other guests, along with the ability to connect with actual locals that can suggest places to visit and explore. However, although this “new” way of traveling has these benefits, it also comes with some downsides that showcase exactly why hospitality will never go out of style.

The main difference is just that, hospitality. The beauty and exhilaration of walking into a beautifully designed hotel with endless amenities is something that renting someone else’s home just cannot replace. Having a staff specifically there to cater to the needs and interests of the guests while forming a connection with them is an entire experience in itself.

When it comes to hospitality, the staff responsible for truly making the experience as successful as it is, are those that run the front desk. That brings us to the other major difference in what renting a home cannot offer…the smiling, helpful and informative faces that are the hotel’s front desk employees.

With any business or company that is visited there is without a doubt a front desk with one or multiple staff members that help to run the business smoothly. They assist in answering questions, filing paperwork, making phone calls, and so much more. These few examples are exactly why in the hospitality industry, the front desk team members are so important. They are the first people that are seen and interacted with when walking into a hotel. Being able to see a welcoming female employee dressed in a fitted women’s blazer with an oxford long-sleeve blouse working cohesively with a male employee in a (matching and uniform) crisp men’s blazer and a pair of business casual trousers automatically provides the customer reassurance that the hotel is a professional place of business.

A uniform appearance truly helps to lend a positive reaction and outlook on how the experience at that particular hotel will be. Hospitality is an entire package. From being properly groomed, well-dressed, and having a can-do attitude towards every guest and situation that they come across shows that those characteristics in front desk employees are just as irreplaceable as the hospitality industry itself.