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Chef Designs Accessories

When you work in the culinary and restaurant industry, the items that make up your uniform are meant to be protective, durable and professional. One of the best brands that understand this is Chef Designs. Chef Designs produce products for  uniforms, that consist of a wide variety of high quality chef wear clothing. They make incredible Chef Designs Chef Shirts, Chef Designs Chef Coats, chef pants, and of course, accessories. These clothing items are available in a variety of different styles, colors, and sizes, allowing you to buy the ideal workwear for your kitchen staff.

As a chef, being professional is just a part of the job. But, it's more than just acting the part, it's looking the part too. Adding accessories, such as a chef hat, neckerchief or chef aprons are a few accessories that enhance and complete any professional and impressive chefs uniform.

At UniformsInStock we allow you to get the best accessories for your employees. Your entire kitchen staff can look professional, feel comfortable, and enjoy their working environment. Chef Designs accessories are durable and very cost effective making this brand a leading choice when it comes to high-quality, well made and professional chefs accessories.

About Chef Designs
Chef Designs uniforms are manufactured by VF Imagewear, and offer a wide range of high-quality apparel that fits your every need from the kitchen to the factory floor. Whether you need workwear for a golfing day for your employees, or a comprehensive uniform program for a major corporation or anything in between, VF Imagewear delivers the goods you need to succeed.

VF Imagewear has been in business for more than 80 years. The company combines the strength of its global parent company, VF Corporation, with the experience of being the leading supplier of uniform apparel to provide unique products and services to your company. They offer unparalleled expertise, innovation, customer focus and a commitment to your total satisfaction.

VF Imagewear is the global leader in designing, implementing and managing uniform and career apparel programs. We deliver comfort, quality and functionality from the boardroom to the factory floor. As part of VF Corporation, the world's largest apparel company. They are comprised of over 60,000 employees in 22 countries and have over 100 years of experience.

Chef Designs Accessories
The White Bistro Apron (1 Pocket w/ Pencil Divide) is a popular option for your favorite servers and kitchen staff. It is a white apron made from a poly/cotton blend and has one pocket for convenience. The 32" in length allow this bistro apron to protect your staffs clothing while giving and all-around professional and uniform appearance. 

Apart from buying high quality Chef Designs accessories from us, you can also add even more value by having your company's logo or slogan added to your uniforms with our personalized customizations. This will allow you to market your business continually, as customers will immediately recognize your brand when they see your uniforms. Customization is a great way to have your company stand out and make a lasting impression.

Another great accessory that Chef Designs makes is the White Premium Adjustable Apron (available in different colors as well). This uniform is made from a poly/cotton blend and is wrinkle resistant. It has one pocket and an adjustable neck so that each individual can adjust to their most comfortable fit. This comfortable, yet durable bib apron is a perfect selection for your favorite professional cook, servers, bar-backs, etc. 

When it comes to other accessories, Chef Designs offers a vast amount of different options to suit all of your uniform needs. Neckerchiefs are a great addition for busy chefs as they work to cover and protect the neck, but also catch any falling sweat while cooking. Chef coats are a great addition and typically common accessory as it is both protective and professional in appearance. Chef aprons, chef pants, chef headwear are also pieces that are typically incorporated into ta chefs uniform. Whether it's to enhance the uniform, for protective reasons and to provide a professional and unified staff; accessories are always a bonus to add to any employee uniform.

Speak to one of our dedicated sales consultants today, to help you find the perfect Chef Designs accessories for your team of chefs. Only the highest quality products and we offer great value for money and superior customer service. You can browse our online store, compare different items until you find the perfect uniform for your employees. Our checkout process is very easy too.

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