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Chef Designs Chef Pants

Most of us have experienced purchasing pants that weren't entirely up to your standard of fit, style, etc. before. When it comes to chefs and chef pants, making this decision is not only tough, but crucial as this is apart of their uniform. It is something they will be wearing for hours at a time and for days at a time. So, the time has come to stop settling for your pants and time to consider purchasing chef pants that enhance your overall uniform look and performance.

The uniform is one of the main expressions of prestige in the chef’s profession. However, the uniforms you select for your chefs, should be decided in such a way that is functional, durable and professional. While there is no harm in settling for fashionable chef pants, keep in mind their place is in the kitchen, where practical use overrides everything else. It is, therefore, prudent to have an understanding of what kind of chef pants are best for your staff members, which is why we encourage you to browse our Chef Designs Chef Pants.

Quality of Material

Having stylish, durable and professional chef pants are of course important factors, however, their longevity and sustainability is what makes them last. No one wants to go back to the shop after every few weeks for new chef pants. Therefore, the choice of your chef pants material should include sturdy and durable materials as well as a well-made design. Chef Designs offer their chef pants in some of the most long-lasting materials, which include: cotton, twill, and polyester. Chef pants made from these materials tend to hold up and last longer - even through busy days in the kitchen.

Design and Color

The design of the chef pants should be efficient, comfortable, and professional in appearance. Checkered black (or blue) and white was the initial design of the pants, when the chef’s uniform was first created. The main idea behind the design was to hide spills and stains. In addition, there was need to create a presentable appearance for the chef in instances of movement from the kitchen to the table.

Chef Designs offers a variety of chef pants in different colors. Which is helpful to restaurant owners or managers as colored pants are one of the main elements used to tell the rank of individual chefs. The head chef’s pants are usually plain black, whereas working cooks wear black or blue with white. 


Fashion is one of the most powerful influences, when choosing many different types of clothing. When it comes to chef pants, however, practicality and convenience is where you'll find at the top of the list of desired features. Loose and flowing Chef Designs chef pants will enable you to move around the kitchen with ease. Remember that the chef’s work is constantly moving, from lifting and moving one thing or another, bending and reaching, etc. Thus, tight-fitting pants might be of little assistance and may end up making a chefs work more difficult.

Chef pants material is also a major key that enables the comfort of the chef while they are busy working in the kitchen. Since the chef’s place of work is naturally hot, the material of your chosen chef pants should be cool breathable. The material should also be comfortable, relaxed for ease of the chef’s movements. Working with them, not against them. The durability of the materials used in Chef Designs Chef Pants at UniformsInStock is something to be proud of, their feel on the skin and general comfort makes these chef pants true fan favorites. 


Like the rest of the chef’s uniform, the chef pants should not be just any other piece of clothing. They should be cohesive in the best ways possible to ease the work of the chef. For instance, they should have large pockets, which will enable the chef to move around with the necessary items including towels and cooking tools.

While zipper pants are the most common types in use today, many chefs prefer elastic waists and tie-waists. This is because they give some extra give in the waist, and are super easy to adjust throughout the work day to constantly assure comfort. Keep in mind that apart from performing functions we have mentioned thus far, chef pants are meant to help protect the body from spills and splatters of hot liquids. Further more, the material should be strong enough to prevent heat from getting through to the body. According to a traditional rule, chef pants should be on the baggier side for a professional and practical uniform look. Chef Designs offers you various options for your chef pants, and all chef wear; so that you can find exactly what you are looking for - for every member of your team.

Our Chef Designs Chef Pants

Our collection of Chef Designs chef pants in UniformsInStock is unrivaled. Choose from different available colors, pattens and styles that range from black to white and pinstripe. You can buy the Black Classic Chef Pant With 2" Elastic Waist With Zipper for your chef, or the Chalk Stripe Classic Chef Pant With 2" for your workers.

Here at UniformsInStock we offer you any assistance that you may need. Chat with us to get a wide variety of the Chef Designs Chef Pants. Our support system that is open 24/7 to answer any of your questions. We deliver orders on the same day and offer a 90 day period for orders that do not meet your expectations. We will refund you back your money promptly.

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