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Chef Designs Chef Shirts

When working in certain industries, specific items and uniforms might be required. Different items are made specifically for different industries and the staff working in them. For instance, working in the health care industry is going to require a completely different uniform than someone working in the housekeeping industry.

For those working in the culinary or restaurant industry, some of the most common uniform pieces are chef coats, chef pants, and chef shirts. These pieces are extremely important for a unified and professional look, but also for the chefs and staff's protection. Chef Designs is a leading designer when it comes to producing high-quality and stylish chef wear, including chef shirts.

When purchasing your employee's chef shirts, protection and durability are two important factors. For instance, Chef Designs Chef Shirts are worn - usually with their a chef apron or chef coat - to protect staff members from radiant heat emanating from cookers, food stains from cooking, and help customers to know who is an employee.

A Little History

Tracing their origin back in the 19th century, chef shirts have been redesigned over the years to make them much more modern in this day and age. Most chef shirts all over the world harbor similar structural designs as this profession is well-established all over the world. Like most things, chef shirts come in a variety of different designs, colors and styles, making it highly likely that there is something for everyone's specific needs and styles.

For example, some chef shirts might have breast pockets embedded on them while others may lack this feature – it all depends on the designer or the specifications made to the designers. Consequently, some chef shirts might be colored on the collar while some might have their collars in plain form. Additionally, the button structure on the chef shirts might vary. This is where some shirts have buttons on their helm while others might not have any. Last but not least is the different patterns of chef shirts available. The patterns vary from restaurant to restaurant and from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. For example, some of chef shirts might have a stripped pattern while others might have a solid pattern.

You will notice, in very high-end hotels, their chefs might be wearing different colored chef shirts. This is because chefs in hotels and all over, vary in terms of their rank. So, the color chef shirt that staff members are wearing might be different so that management and other staff members can determine their rank. Other ways the chef profession goes with ranks is within the chef pants. And although this is a commonality in the culinary industry, hotel management will tend to keep the chef shirt differences subtle for uniformity purposes.

Buying a Utility Shirt

As an employer, understanding that your employees will be wearing these chef shirts all day long and for long periods at a time. With this in mind, purchasing shirts that are durable and sustainable is ultimately a great management decision. When it comes to durability, chef shirts made from cotton are the best. This is because they are not only durable, but well-made, comfortable and have a long-standing power. When chef shirts are made from high-quality materials, their colors are made to stand longer, they give off a professional and tidy appearance and can withstand multiple washings.

Chef Designs Chef Shirts

At UniformsInStock we have a wide selection of uniforms available, so that finding a chef shirts to your own specifications is easier than you might think. Our uniform store is a breeze to shop at, with a simple checkout process and helpful customer service members that are always available to assist you with your uniform questions and needs.

Popular Chef Designs shirts which are made of cotton material and harbors a solid pattern. Also, the shirt is short sleeved and is of classic fit. It is only available in the classic white color and available in a variety of sizes to choose from.

Gripper Closure Cook Shirt with a Pocket is also stocked up at our stores. It has one breast pocket and is available in black and white colors. Consequently, the shirt is short sleeved and is of classic fit.

We also have the Button-Front Cook Shirt - With Pocket. The shirt is short sleeved and is of classic fit. It is designed by chef designs. There are many sizes for you to choose from.

Cook Shirt with Black Trim is a unique chef shirt that we have stocked up. It has a black strip on the collar and you might consider making this the chef shirt for your head chef. It has a solid pattern and designed by chef designs. Consequently, the shirt is short sleeved and made form cotton material.

We also have the classing fitting White with Black Trimmed Utility Shirt, which is a real favorite. Made of cotton, it is guaranteed to serve you for a very long time. It is short sleeved and available in many neck sizes too.

For more information about our selection of Chef Designs Chef Shirts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch