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Chef Works Chef Coats

If you're a chef, chances are that you understand how important your uniform is. A major part of that is of course, the chef coat. Chef Works chef coats are among some of the most popular, stylish and professional chef coats out there! 

About Chef Works

Chef Works is a worldwide leader in culinary and hospitality apparel and uniforms. They have a list of collections available, including their Urban, Cool Vent, and Front of House collections. Each of these collections have a range of high-quality chef wear items to make up the perfect chef uniform. 

Chef Works Uniforms go through a rigorous quality control process, to ensure that their work wear is comfortable, high quality, durable and versatile. Only the highest quality materials are used, and special attention is given to the small details to assure that they have made the best product. Because of this, Chef Works products are made to last for years just proving that they not know what they are doing, but that they genuinely care. 

Fit And Style

Chef coats, much like other garments, should be purchased with comfort and practicality in mind. You are working in an environment where you need to feel comfortable while working long hours and keeping a fast-pace. One of the most important things to remember, is that when choosing a chef coat, you shouldn’t choose one that is tight. Since most will be working in a hot kitchen it can cause irritation, rubbing and chafing from sweat and friction - along with making it difficult to move quickly with ease. Since there are many different styles and makes for chef coats, finding whether yourself or your staff prefer a long chef coat, half chef coat, or short or long sleeved chef coats will ultimately make for a happy and comfortable staff. 

Chef Coat Features

The ideal chef’s coat is one that is convenient while still being durable. Important features include pockets, quality buttons, quality if make and cuffs. You will be working in hot environments and it helps to go for the coat with vents and sweat wicking properties to help throughout a long working day. Chef Works Chef Coats have a variety of different utility features that make them ideal for restaurants and busy commercial kitchens.


Chef coats are made to serve various purposes. Away from protection, you need to note that they help you to build a professional look for your team as well as your business. Investing in high-quality, good looking and durable chef coats, much like the chef coats Chef Works has to offer, is a fool-proof way of being on your way to ultimate success. 

When buying chef coats, personal preference is important. However, there are some kitchen (as well as individual business) rules that are important to stand by. For example, investing in high quality chef coats might seem like an expensive feat; however, if you purchase a cheaper coat in both price and quality, chances are that you will spending a lot more money in order to constantly replace the low quality garments than you would have spent in the first place. 

Whereas it’s advisable to pick a fitting chef’s coat, you should factor in care and maintenance. The stations that the coat picks up everyday require regular washing. As such, you need to choose hardwearing materials that can’t take the pressure at work; also you need durable fabrics that will withstand regular washing and harsh environments. Chef coats that are made from fabrics with fast stain releasing properties are easy to clean and maintain.

Our Chef Works Chef Coats

When you want the best chef coats for your kitchen, try Chef Works chef coats from UniformsInStock. We have an impressive array of chef coats to suit all of your uniform and chef wear needs. Our coats are designed with durable fabrics that can stand the rigors of any fast paced kitchen. Our designs are ideal for men and women. We have a variety of popular and stylish chef coat colors to choose from - assuring a clean, professional and comfortable uniform result.

Choose from a wide array of coats such as the classic fit White Chef Coat. The Black Single-Breasted Server Coat (also available in white) is ideal for busy kitchens, while the White With Black Trim Newport Chef Coat offers comfort and convenience on the job. Shop with us and we will ship your order immediately. We boast of the best customer service and we have experts on call to answer questions or offer useful shopping advice.

 For more information about our selection of Uncommon Threads chef coats, please don’t hesitate to get in touch