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Chef Works Shirts

Working in the food service sector can be exciting yet challenging for a chef. The same can be said about the restaurant owner, who has to purchase uniforms for the staff. The work wear you choose for a demanding kitchen can make or break your comfort and performance. You want to sport the professional yet relaxed look and as such, you need to opt for classy garments such as the comfortable Chef Works Shirts.

Nowadays, there is a huge collection of chef wear out there. You need to note that not all brands will keep up with what the trusted names have to offer. Don’t just choose a chef shirt just because it looks flashy. The idea is to spend money on a shirt that offers comfort, convenience and durability. The kitchen is always messy and blistering in heat; you need a chef’s shirt that will keep you looking neat and cool all day.

There are no set rules on the style of chef shirts you should buy. However, if you have a particular theme you want to create for your establishment, you can come up with a specific uniform policy. However, you shouldn’t be too conservative to stick with traditional styles and designs. These days, customers want to see a place where the culinary expertise is mixed up with some elegance and style. It’s important to choose these shirts from top brands such as Chef Works.

Chef Shirts Buying Criteria

The color and material you pick for your chef’s shirt is important. You want to have durable shirts, if you are in charge of the budget. Durability should go together with easy care and maintenance. If you know how to choose quality chef shirts, you won’t have to worry about cleaning. You should avoid low quality fabrics, since they won’t last. Also, cheap chef shirts will compromise the chef’s safety and they might not be breathable for the kitchen environment.

There are many choices, when it comes to quality Chef Works Shirts. You can pick from 100% polyester or cotton. Poly cotton blends are suitable since they are affordable and comfortable. Even though heavy materials are durable, they might not be suitable for a kitchen. Lightweight fabrics with fast stain releasing properties are ideal for a chef given their cooling capabilities. Before you pick chef shirts, you need to check what a retailer has in stock. UniformsInStock can provide you with a stellar collection of Chef Works Shirts.


Chef shirts come in a variety of styles. You can chose from different sleeve lengths. You will find full, half and ¾-length sleeves. Before you select one, take time to go through the pros and cons of these sleeve styles. It’s advisable to choose a shirt whose sleeves fit your preferences but more so, you should go with sleeves that offer maximum comfort, protection and functionality.

Chef shirts today come in a variety of conservative and creative colors. You can opt for black, red, blue, checkered, or white. The Chef Work Shirt range has a generous collection of sizzling colors such as sunflower, cobalt, steel grey and berry among others. These colors go a long way in lighting up your unique personal style plus that of the restaurant.


It’s essential to obtain the right size for your chef shirt. The fits shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. You should go for the relaxed fit that enables you to move, stretch or bend freely. It’s wise to get your measurement right before you buy. Also, if you are not sure about your measurements, you can check on the retailer’s website and distinguish the sizes on their sizing chart. Reputable retailers on the web will provide customers with reliable resources and expert input to help them find the ideal fit.

Withstanding the Heat

Busy food processing environments or commercial kitchens have their fair share of risks. Away from the heat, there are imminent fire risks therein. You need to pick a fabric that can withstand direct heat from fires and preferably one with flame retardant properties. This is where you will benefit from having picked short sleeve shirts for added comfort and convenience.

Make Regular Replacements

Chef shirts are exposed to daily wear and tear. After sometime, you need to look at their condition and decide whether its time to go for replacements. Even when you have durable fabrics and quality shirts from chef works, it’s inevitable that you will have to replace them at some point. Don’t hold out too long until your shirt has faded and ripped away. If you want to save your budget, choose to place a bulk order instead of single pieces; it will open up a chance to grab great discounts.

Our Chef Works Shirts

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The Chef Works Shirts collection features amazing designs built to last the pressures of a tough kitchen. These shirts offer comfort, durability and easy maintenance. We have different sizes for men and women. We don’t just stock shorts with ordinary colors, but we have shades that let you express your finesse and sophistication. You can choose the Epic Shirt, which comes in enticing sunflower, carrot or cobalt and other shades.

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