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Eagle Work Clothes Shirts

Within the housekeeping sector, there are pertinent questions that arise when it comes to choosing worker uniforms. Choosing the right uniform pieces is the key to high staff output. If you are choosing housekeeping shirts, for instance, they need to be of high quality. The ideal shirt will enable an employee to perform their duties better. If you provide low-quality shirts, you will not only affect workers’ morale, but you will hurt your brand image as well.

There are varieties upon varieties of housekeeping shirt models out there before you decide to bring in a given type, you should look at your options carefully. Don’t rush to buy shirts just because you like a given color. The shirt's style is important, but the functionality and convenience offered are of a higher importance. All along, you need to ensure that the housekeeping staffs look professional neat and as a unique team.

Even though you might get confused in choosing shirts or a brand such as Eagle Work Clothes, you need to remember that whatever you choose will create the first and lasting impression for your customers. Even if it’s the back of the house, it still tells customers more about the level of customer care that you offer. You should act smart and use the housekeeping shirts as a grand way to depict your theme and the culture you want your restaurant to be remembered for.

Choosing the right shirts for the housekeeping crew is a priority just like choosing chef clothes. You need to note that they will be seen by your clients. If you want your staffs to put across an authoritative look, chose high-quality shirts but also make sure they are comfortable for such a demanding undertaking.

Safety First

When you have housekeeping staff, you need to ensure high standards of safety for them. Shirts are part of the uniform and you need to ensure that they offer maximum safety on the job. There are job positions you may need to differentiate in terms of hierarchy, but you need to be sure that the shirts you choose fit well with the requirements at hand.

Employees, when you want to bring in housekeeping shirts from a top brand like Eagle Work Clothes, you need to factor in the mood and preferences of your staff. They are the ones who will be toiling all day wearing these shirts. It’s prudent that you consult and discuss with them. To enhance their productivity, it won’t hurt to go make a purchase, but the preferences they put forward should be considered as long as it’s acceptable in relation to the brand image you want to cut. This is a smart way of letting the staff know that they too are part of your brand.

Housekeeping shirts are prone to stains, grime and sweat. You can choose to provide laundry services in-house. If not, choose quality shirts made of easy to wash fabrics. Also, choose shirts that won’t fade fast. Wrinkle resistant housekeeping uniforms will make the job easy for your workers; they too deserve to roll easy instead of stressing over uniform care and maintenance.

The housekeeping job involves moving from one workstation or room to the other. You want your staff to have everything they need on the go. This is where you need to provide shirts that have utility features; choose shirts that come with enough pockets. Your staff will work easy knowing they have every tool or relevant stuff within reach. It helps them to work professionally and reduces time wastage. Think about your workers having to move up and down just to get a bottle or detergent or a towel down a flight of stairs and up again.

You need to assess the type of Eagle Work Clothes shirts you choose for your housekeeping department. The colors are crucial since you want something that goes with the central theme of your brand. Don’t clash the colors since it doesn’t look professional, again your staff shirts need to look great by the end of the shift. Choose colors that don’t display the stains. If you can get stain resistant fabrics, choose darker colors that hide the dirt. If you opt for super bright colors, your worker will be looking messy after cleaning only three rooms. Stain resistant fabrics may cost more, but the investment will pay back for itself with time.

Professional housekeeping shirts offered by Eagle Work Clothes will give your establishment a formal, elegant and warm atmosphere. However, you shouldn’t leave out comfort. Remember, these shirts need to fit well and offer excellent ease of movement and flexibility. Don’t worry too much about the style or fashion, but ensure that they are superbly dressed to handle demanding housekeeping errands.


The shirts you purchase should offer comfort; it’s directly connected with the cost. High-quality shirts cost more, but they will never compromise comfort. Choosing cheap shirts will have a negative effect on worker productivity and it could destroy the same brand you are trying to build.

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