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Edwards Vests

Vests are a versatile piece of accessory, but it has always been slighted despite its potential to turn around a man’s wardrobe. This intriguing piece can be worn for almost any occasion depending on the combinations that best suit it. Even though it was designed to be worn as part of the 3-piece suit, it has become a favorite when unleashed from the formal ensemble. For many who want to pull off the vest look, there is a need to approach it with exceptional care and diligence.

Even though the vest has been neglected in a manner of sorts, it still has a lot of potential for those willing to dare in a fashion kind of way. Vests provide immense style options and untold beauty as long as it’s paired up with the right pieces. It’s more of a versatile and visually elegant piece that should be part of any man’s wardrobe. However, there is always the need to choose quality vests like what you will find with Edwards Garments to succeed in polishing up the look.

Vests can be used to dress down with alluring results. The vest will offer great functionality and it can help slim down bulky middles if the right size is worn. Individuals with heavy frames will benefit from the vest since it will give the illusion of a V-shape whatsoever. It’s important to understand the proper etiquette needed to look sharp in a vest. There are rules that dictate that the bottom button should remain unbuttoned, but your personal discretion should make the last call.

The Fit

Vests, like other quality garments, should be cut and tailored with minimal fabrics. The vest should be snug around your middle and you should feel comfortable around the waist area. Apparently, the area where most people get it wrong with this garment is the length. You should never sport a look where the vest drops past your waist area. If you love belts, you need to reconsider fitting in one when you wear a vest, it’s hardly ever recommended.

What to Look For In a Man's Vest

Over the years, vests have transformed and it has become difficult for the men folk to master the game. Knowing what to look for is a puzzling affair for many. Also, the emerging vest trends make it worse. However, there are useful guides that can help you find the ideal vest for your style needs. Also, there are several aspects to consider before you buy one.


One of the domineering features in a vest is the pattern. You can manage with simple patterns on the vest as long as you know the kind of patterns that help you look the part. You can choose conservative patterns, colorful or trendy patterns to make a solid statement. If you are looking for Edwards Vests, you need to note that there are patterns that vary in terms of checks, stripes and shapes. You will have the onus to decide whether to go for contrasting patterns that have little to offer when you want to look sophisticated.


White patterns denote personal preferences; the material used to construct a vest will be about comfort and warmth. For example, woolen vests have exceptional breathability and they are great at insulation. Wool vests will go well with patterned short sleeve shirts. You will find wool vests with varying fabric density to be worn for different occasions. With cotton vests, they are cheaper and better compared to synthetic vests.


If you want to get the timeless vest look, you can opt to choose button up woolen vests. These represent the retro look that never runs out of relevance. These vests can be worn buttoned or unbuttoned. Although sometimes, the formality of the occasion determines such.


If you want to get the ideal vest, you need to look at the accessories that go well with the vest itself. Other than accentuating a given style, these accessories will enhance utility. Men will go for vest and keep in mind their shoes or ties. Also, you will need to look at the shirts you wear and use their dominant style to choose a vest.

It’s important for a man to know the steps to take when buying a vest. If you want the best Edwards vests, you need to look for one that fits well and one that feels comfortable. If you are choosing one online, always insist on getting comprehensive product descriptions. You need to get your vest from trusted retailers and keep off those who hardly interested in providing info that will help you get the perfect vest.

Overall, there are many features and details you need to evaluate before you buy a vest. It’s important that you know how to choose the right vest construction, size, and width. Don’t pick one that is too tight and avoid the baggy types as well. You need to look for the balance between comfort and fit. Equally, you need to identify the ideal fastening method, the fabrics and elegant patterns for your Edwards Vests.

Our Edwards Vests Collection

The stylish Edwards Vests collection at UniformsInStock is made just for you. We have vests that embody sophistication for the modern man. Out designs include various vest cuts that offer versatility for different outfits and occasions. Browse our collection and pick from conservative and creative colors. We have exciting patterns too.

When it comes to size, check our product filters and pick a vest that matches your body type. We make sure that you get the Edwards Vests you want and our experts are ready to guide you any day. We have affordable vest prices and we offer 90 day return period if you are unhappy about the vest we delivered.

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