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Executive Apparel Vests

Looking neat and elegant is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself. Why do you ask? Well, looking good and feeling great goes hand in hand. You know what comes with feeling good? Efficiency, positivity, motivation and ultimately, success. It’s a proven fact that people who dress smart are also more motivate, driven and successful at work. Vests and especially formal vests have this effect on you – they make you look elegant, increasingly adorable which in turn contributes your productivity.

Formal vests templates

Formal vests are the inner vests that come with that three piece suit you buy or have sewed up by your seamstress. Also known as waistcoats, they become vests with their characteristic feature of lacking sleeves; they are completely sleeveless. You must have noted that your seamstress designed the formal vest to waist length and made it a bit fitting or body hugging. This is exactly how a formal vest should be and be designed. Formal vests should always fit and hug up your body (not too tightly though), as they are meant to bring out that dapper aspect in you.

Consequently, they are characterized by the vertical bifurcate on its front part. The vertical opening or cleft is the closely accompanied by five to seven buttons that let you button it up each time you are wearing it. The breast pockets that are annexed to formal vests are also something worth noting or looking out for in the event that you want to buy or sew up a formal vest. The latter should always be present in a formal vest.

Executive Apparel Formal Vests

Like most apparels, formal vests or waistcoats exist in different brand labels or designs. The latter is attributed to the fact that there over a million and one formal vest designers in the fashion scene, each aimed at designing a formal vest that will look good their clientele. Examples of formal vest brands are; Executive Apparel vests, Calvin Klein formal vests and Versace formal vests, just to mention a few. Well, the Executive Apparel designed formal vests have taken the fashion market by a storm thanks to their unique and elegant design that’s unmatched by any other formal vest brand out there.

Formal Executive Apparel vests are made of cotton and polyester materials which are responsible for the comfort that these vests afford to those who wear them. Cotton and polyester are known for their crisp and flocculent fabric. Such fabric, aside from offering excessive comfort, is by and large very responsible for the longevity of Executive Apparel designed formal vests. As such, each and every time you intend to buy a formal vest, purpose to buy one designed by Executive Apparel as their fabric makes them increasingly comfortable and increasingly long-lasting.

Consequently, Executive Apparel has given rise to a new breed of formal vests that are dressed sophisticatedly and elegantly. This aspect alone has made the Executive Apparel formal vest hit the fashion market hard like a rock solid hammer. A key aspect in their formal vests is that they harbor patterns that make the vest sumptuous only by looking at it. Their carefully designed and prudently chosen patterns have been incorporated in the designing of these vests and as such, you are guaranteed to look great in any Executive Apparel vests. As if this is not enough, these vests are designed with a wide array of exquisite patterns which let you choose one that most appeases you. Patterns for both formal and off-the-cuff environments are available in Executive Apparel designed vests. To this effect, you can always look dapper in one of these whether at work or at a party.

How to wear an Executive Apparel vest

For starters, choose a vest that’s the correct size for you. Remember formal vests should be cut to waist length be fitting. Look out for overly large and loose formal vests – they’ll do one thing, kill your fashion style – do you want this?

A well-fitting waistcoat should then be coupled up with a well-fitting shirt. Your shirt shouldn’t be overly large and should have a pattern so exquisite that it’ll match up with your vest. Still on shirts, choose one that’s the right color, one that’s going to match up with the color of your Executive Apparel Vest. You’ll spoil the whole look if you fail to choose your shirt prudently.

Your pants also play a huge role in how your formal vest makes you look. If you intend to match your formal vest with your pants, purpose to wear pants that have been cut from the same material as the formal vest. Failing to do the latter will make you look like a clown – so unless you want to look like a clown, you know what to do.

Complete your outlook with the relevant piece of neckwear. When wearing Executive Apparel vests, purpose to rock either a necktie, bow tie or a cravat to pretty much seal the deal. Neckwear plays an important role when wearing a formal vest as it makes you look overly dapper – and who doesn’t want to look dapper in this day and age? As such, polish up your formal vest outlook by rocking that tuxedo Executive Apparel formal vest with a tuxedo shirt, a bow tie or a necktie or a cravat and pants cut from the same material as your formal vest. Shortly after, take a selfie – it’ll garner up hundreds of likes.

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