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Fame Shirts & Smocks

Shirts and smocks have tallied up as the most worn pieces of apparel in the last decade. Smocks more especially, have received more attention from the general public as they are a new trend in the fashion scene. As such, almost everyone wants to try the out. Shirts, in the same way, have been received with open hands ever since their advent into the European market in the 19th Century. Shirts have also been received with alacrity because they are available for both men and women. In fact, women shirts came into the scene first in 1860 and from then, women have been rocking shirts on close to a daily basis.

Shirts are basically garments worn on the upper parts of our bodies. Shirts are of many types as will be seen herein. Smocks are basically outer garments that take up the shape of shirts; they came into the scene in the 17th Century. Smocks have in the recent past occupied most outfit stores as they are a unique type of apparel.

Types of shirts

There are a wide variety of shirts each fitted with the appropriate environment and occasion in which they should be worn in.

  • Dress Shirts – these are worn in the formal environments that require a bit of formality. Dress shirts can also be worn in the casual or off-the-cuff environments as they are available in the plenty of designs fit for this environment.
  • T-Shirts – these are mostly associated with casual environments as they are cut in a relaxed manner and bear patterns that are deemed fit for the casual environment.
  • Polo Shirts – these can be worn in both casual and formal environments. They are characterized by their short sleeved nature and buttons at the placket.

Types of smocks

  • Round Smocks – these take the shape and form of sweatshirts; they have plackets on their neckline. The advantage with round smocks is that; they can be worn in and out as such you can wear it more often.
  • Coat Smock – as the name suggests, it takes up the form of a coat and has buttons on its front and can either be long or short sleeves.

Brands of shirts and smocks

Being some of the hottest and most sort after apparels in the fashion scene, shirts and smocks have been designed by designers who are out to exploit the niche that these apparels present in the fashion scene. However, there are some shirt and smock designs designed to just flood the fashion scene without necessarily being of the right standards. Standards here stand for quality, design and durability. As such, be wear of these brands that are just out to exploit you and rid you off your hard earned cash.

Consequently, there are some garment brands that are dedicated to ensuring the smocks and shirts they design will serve you right and for long, will be of good quality and will be designed aptly, to let you look exquisite each and every time you are in them. Fame Designers are an example of a clothes brand that designs its shirts and smocks prudently. Fame Designers have designed their shirts and smocks in line with the latest trends; this is also to let you look like a fashion forward peep as you step out into the streets.

Benefits of wearing shirts and smocks designed by Fame

Outlook – This is the number one thing you should always look out for in a shirt or a smock. Fame designers have ensured that you will look adorable in their shirts and smocks as they have incorporated the best of patterns when designing these apparels. You will find all kinds of patterns you desire in shirts and smocks designed by Fame Designers. Consequently, these shirts and smocks have been fitted and availed in all the correct sizes to let you find the one that fits you well. All body sizes are available. As if this is not enough, Fame designers have ensured that their shirts and smocks are available in a wide array of colors to let you choose the best for any environment that you might want to wear them in.

Longevity – the materials incorporated in the designing of Fame shirts and Smocks are wholly responsible for their longevity. Smocks and shirts designed by Fame Designers are made of Cotton and Polyester. Cotton and Polyester have their fabric closely packed and carefully woven which makes these apparels hard to wear and tear overtime. The apparels’ longevity is also enhanced by the fact that, Cotton and Polyester material are colorfast; this means that; these clothes will never lose their color over time.

Comfort – Cotton and Polyester are known for their fleecy and brushed texture. Soft and brushed material ensures that you are comfortable as you wear shirts and smocks designed by Fame Designs. I bet you’ve ever worn clothes that make you feel itchy each and every moment you have them on. The fault with clothes of such type is that they are designed from the wrong material which might be less crispy and less diaphanous. Conversely, shirts and smocks designed by Fame will guarantee maximum comfort as the materials they are made from having a history of providing comfort in whichever clothes they are used to design.

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