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Formal Neckties

Ties rock – yes, they do. This is why each and every man should have a few ties in his wardrobe. Ladies, your man owes no tie? Seriously? If you answer this in the affirmative, then you need to do something about it: get your man a few ties. There are those who wear neck ties on a daily basis and there are those who wear ties not so often. Whichever category you might fall in, you do appreciate that the tie is an essential piece of clothing that gives you that desired sassy look. Each and every time you have a tie on you are guaranteed to win the fashion war. However, your victory is not guaranteed up until you carefully choose the right tie based on the occasion you are wearing it for.

Ties are often associated with serious professions such as; law, banking and most political professions. True, in these professions, a tie is a necessary good. In such formal professions, ties give you that imperative and professional appeal that confers your status. The advent of ties to the fashion scene was in the 17thcentury. Ties have proved ever relevant as they have stood their ground by standing the test of time in the fashion industry. October 18 saw us celebrate the World’s tie day and best believe the tie craze had spread in most regions of the world. The latter sent one and one statement only – ties have a special place in a man’s heart and as such, should be taken with all the serious it they can be afforded. I would love to know what Richard Branson thinks of that – the guy abhors ties.

Learning how to tie a tie is often a milestone achievement in a man’s life – teaching your son/daughter how to tie a tie is an even bigger achievement. Hence the place of ties in society cannot be put to question notwithstanding Richard Branson’s take on ties. Consequently, our society has been made to feed on the stereotype that ties are for meant to fulfil official roles only.

Whoever dealt such a stereotype should be … A tie can be worn on casual basis too, notwithstanding the latter stereotypic propaganda (yes, that word propaganda). When worn for both official and casual purposes, ties create and avenue of showcasing one’s creativity. The sager or more astute you are when choosing your tie, the more appealing and more dapper you’ll look. To this effect, you the dapper you want to look will be determined by how well you chose your tie.

What to Consider When Choosing a Tie

It is axiomatic that you choose a tie that an enchanting pattern –this is if you are choosing a tie for casual purposes. When choosing a tie for official purposes, you have to choose a silent yet exquisitely patterned tie, to maintain that professional appeal in working environments. Different patterns present themselves each and every time you want to buy a tie. Your choice will depend on the occasion your tie is serving as well as your individual taste. Take an example of clowns who present at circuses – they usually have a tie on – one that fits that occasion as it is usually multi-colored and increasingly floral. It strikes a jolly appeal.

Consequently, pay close attention to the patterns in Barack Obama’s ties as he is giving his smitten speeches- isn’t the pattern silent, laid back and less gaudy? Yes, it is. Consequently, you need to choose the patterns and colors of your ties depending on the occasion you intend them to serve. Having on a wrong tie pattern/color at the wrong occasion will make you look like a clown. Well unless you want to look like one, you will have to choose your tie patterns adroitly.

The type of tie is also a key element when choosing a tie. Youngsters find delight in slim ties that seem to dispense with extra fat material which makes them slim. Slim ties have the effect of making one look sharp and straightforward. Pre-tied ties also exist and are usually tied and have a clip on their back to coalesce to the other end of the tie. There also exist seven-fold ties that warrant that a person folds them seven times to develop the best knot. Four knot ties need to be folded four times.

When to Wear a Tie

There is no best time that one is supposed to wear a tie – unless of course your job makes it incumbent for you to do so. Only one bottom line when deciding when to wear a tie: wear a tie each and every time you want to look good. Simple! When you wear a tie, you ooze class, style and a unique sense of bravura.

Our neck ties

You guessed it; UniformsInStock offers a wide array of ties to suit your every need. At UniformsInStock, we appreciate that people share different tastes and styles and as such, we have stocked up different types of neckties, each of different colors to meet your needs. We have the Wine Striped Silk Necktie which has a stripped pattern and is available in any color that you might need. It is made of poly woven material which means that it is long-lasting and easy to wash. It is a self-tie which means that you will have to tie it yourself. Consequently, we have the Asphalt Venetian Necktie which has an impeccable striped pattern.

Also, made of poly woven material, the Venetian Necktie is easy to wash and is increasingly durable. Our necktie catalogue would not be complete without the Blush Tapestry Skinny Necktie which happens to be one of the best neckties we have stocked up. Availing itself in a wide array of colors, it can serve both an official and casual look. Its pattern is Paisley – a one of a kind pattern. We also have the Desert Blue Herringbone Necktie which is has a Herringbone exquisite pattern. This necktie comes in many colors which makes it serve both a casual and official purpose. Its material is poly woven and is also a self-tie. Our ties never disappoint.

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