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Harriton Scrubs

Scrubs are often worn by staff in the health care industry to ensure a clean and an uncontaminated environment. Scrubs were originally solely worn by surgeons who walked into the surgical units spotlessly clean to avoid occasioning infections in the surgical wards. However, in modern day times, scrubs are being worn by most medical personnel in the hospital from nurses to even midwives who might not necessary be in the hospital environment.

Scrubs, like other pieces of apparels, exist or are designed by various designers as many design companies design scrubs to distribute to the hospitals and other health care facilities. Most health care centers, however, prefer some scrubs designed by specific companies over others designed by other design companies. The latter fact might be attributed to the fact that, some design manufacturing companies by and large design their scrubs better. As such, most health care centers prefer the scrubs supplied to them to have been designed by specific and well-established designers.

When it comes to scrubs, scrubs designed by famous and well-established designer Harriton are often in high demand. Harriton is known for his exquisite apparel designs that fulfill both formal and casual roles in our wardrobes. Consequently, Harriton has made his mark in the fashion industry by creating exquisite and high-end scrubs that by and large surpass their expected quality. The uniqueness and exclusivity of the scrubs designed by Harriton give them an edge over other scrubs.

Harriton Designed Scrubs

Material – Harriton scrubs are made from cotton and/or polyester. This is to mean that, some of the scrubs rise from a blend of both cotton and polyester, while some are made from either 100% cotton or 100% polyester. The decision by Harriton to design scrubs using the latter materials is an informed one, as these materials are known to offer coziness and comfort thanks to their relaxed fiber material. Their softness is simply unsurpassed.

Scrubs made of cotton and polyester have been deemed to be very resilient hence long-lasting; this also adds to the list of benefits of Harriton designed scrubs. Scrubs made of Polyester are also known to resist to a very large extent, bodily fluids that might go a long way in causing infections to the patients at the surgical wards. Subsequently, cotton and polyester made scrubs (such as those designed by Harriton Uniforms), dry off fast on the hanging lines and are also wrinkle resistant which means that they can as well stand up multiple laundry. And yes, they are very laundry friendly and increasingly easy to maintain over time.

Design - Consequently, most health care centers demand Harriton scrubs because their design is unique, exquisite and offers increased efficiency to health care staff. Their unique nature emanates from the multiple colors in which they are designed and in which we stock them here at UniformsInStock. Their efficiency is enhanced by the subtle features that are appended to them. For instance, Harriton has ensured that most of his scrub designs have pockets annexed on them. This lets health care staff house few essential stuff that might be essential in the execution of their duties. Sealed drugs might be housed in these pockets as nurses take them to their respective patients. They are also designed for the appropriate and comfortable size that lets health care personnel be comfortable as they go about their daily duties. Most scrub bottoms have a drawstring attached to them to let the person wearing them adjust the waist accordingly which might go a long way in increasing their comfort in the workplace environment.

Our Harriton Designed Scrubs

Duly noting the high demand for Harriton scrubs, UniformsInStock has gone out of its way to stock these scrubs to meet the needs of our customers. Above all else, we have stocked these scrubs in a number of designs to let you have a few good options to choose from.

We have the Unisex Restore 4.9 oz. Scrub Bottom which is available in close to ten different colors to let you choose that which matches your work uniform. The diverse colors also let you buy a few different scrubs which you can wear interchangeably to show a discrepancy in your daily dressing. The Unisex Restore 4.9 oz. Scrub Bottom is also available in a wide range of loose pant sizes to let you find the appropriate size for you.

They are loose size fit to enhance your comfort at the workplace. We also understand that the health care profession involves a lot of movement, which is why the pants are a loose fit to increase your flexibility. It is made of the cotton blend which guarantees its durability and its comfort to very large extents. It has one pocket on its side and available at a very affordable price to let you easily buy or replace one. It is unisex which means it can be worn by both men and women in the health care industry.

The Harriton Unisex Restore 4.9 oz. Scrub Top is also available at UniformsInStock. It is unisex hence can be worn by both men and women and is available in a wide array of tunic sizes to let you choose the best fit. It harbors an exquisite solid pattern and made from a blend of cotton. Cotton makes this piece laundry friendly, easy to dry when hanging on the hanging lines, and also wrinkle free. We have it stocked up in ten different colors to let you choose the most appropriate color. It also has one breast pocket and is short sleeved.

For more information about our selection of Harriton scrubs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch