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Henry Segal Shirts

So you don’t know what to wear to the office? Wear a shirt. If you don’t know what to wear to that party where you are going to meet your crush? Wear a shirt. You also don’t know what to wear when taking a walk down the street to the park? Wear a shirt my friend, wear a shirt. One might wonder why there is such an overemphasis on the wearing of shirts in this piece, an answer I will grant you shortly.

Here’s the answer, shirts are the most diverse and versatile pieces of apparels in the universe. As such, you can wear them anywhere and with nearly anything you have in your closet. From the latter, we can then infer that shirts are kind of multipurpose which lets you have a very easy time as you choose what to wear. So in case you don’t know what to wear when traveling, wear a shirt.

Roles of shirts

Uniforms – Shirts serve both the duty of school uniforms as well as workplace environment uniforms. When serving the role of workplace uniforms, they are referred to as work shirts and when serving the role of the school of uniforms, they are referred to as school shirts.

Office wear – Most of us wear these shirts as we go to the office, not as uniforms, but as the regular and recommended office attire. You will find most formal workers wearing these to the office as the office is a place void of any flamboyance whatsoever.

Casual wear – With the many shirt patterns and colors available, shirts can comfortably and with ease, serve the role of being worn in off-the-cuff environments. They are also a good fit for the casual environments as most casual shirts are designed to be very comfortable to let you relax in whichever way you deem fit.

The best thing with shirts is that they are many types and forms which also let you have pretty good options to choose from.

Types of shirts

Often, shirts are taken to be undergarments that have a collar and sleeves which harbor cuffs. However, shirts can be in the above and in many other forms.

Dress shirts  These are shirts that harbor a collar, long sleeves as well as cuffs that are aimed at housing cufflinks. Dress shirts don’t necessarily have to have cuffs as others have buttons that serve the same roles as cufflinks play.

T-shirts – These are shirts without a collar and are often short sleeved. They also lack buttons. In most casual environments, people tend to wear t-shirts as they often comfort that is offered by no other apparel.

Polo shirts – These are short sleeved shirts with a collar and a few buttons at the helm of the shirt. Most work and service shirts are in the form of polo shirts. The latter is not to mean that polo shirts cannot be worn outside the workplace environments – far from it. Polo shirts are worn in casual environments as well as outdoor sporting fields. I bet you’ve spotted Tiger Woods, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic in polo shirts as they play golf and tennis.

Sweatshirts – These are collarless and long sleeved shirts that are made of heavier material that of the dress shirt or the t-shirt.

Top shirts – These are long sleeved shirts that lack a collar but have buttons at the helm of the neck.

Tuxedo shirts – These are often incorporated when wearing a tuxedo suit. As such, they are mostly worn in black tie events such as dinner parties. Most of the tuxedo shirts are unisex which means they can be worn by both men and women irrespective of the age. Tuxedo shirts take many forms and designs as their collar and fronts style vary.

Benefits of wearing shirts

Shirts have millions of benefits which are why they have such a soft spot in the heart of many.

Unisex – Some shirts are designed to be unisex which means that they can be worn by both men and women. This then means that there isn’t any predestined class that can wear shirts; they can be worn by every Tom, Dick, and Harry. If a shirt is not unisex, you will find the same shirt designed for both men and women.

Versatile – Most shirts can be worn with virtually everything be it blazers, suit jackets, suit pants as well as shorts. As such, you have a million styles in which you can wear shirts in.

Adorable – Most shirts are exquisitely designed to give you that appealing outlook and aura. To this effect, you can be sure that you’ll look overly good each and every time you wear a well-designed shirt. Be prudent when choosing the kind of shirt you intend to wear.

Henry Segal Shirt brand

Henry Segal has over the years, designed the best of shirts in the fashion market. His shirts have an edge over shirts by other designers since they usually have surpassed the quality mark and test. Consequently, the designs appropriated on the shirts made by Henry Segal make them some of the best-designed shirts in the fashion market. Most Henry Segal shirts also give their owners service for a very long time. As such, you can treat them as heirlooms too – exquisite right? Henry Segal shirts have also been put up in most exhibitions and fashion runways for showcasing – this tells you how much of a hit they are in the fashion scene.

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