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Henry Segal Skirts

Skirts are an essential part of the a female wardrobe. They are simply worn on the lower abdomen, from the waist down to the lower limbs. Skirts can be a single item that is worn as an outer garment or can be attached to a gown or a dress. When attached to either gowns or dresses, they are often the lower parts of these dresses and gowns. Skirts have been a favorite for many ladies as they come with a lot of versatility and style.

For the longest time, skirts have accomplished varying roles in the wardrobes of women - another reason they why they are adored by women. So what are some of these roles? One would ask. Some of these roles revolve around being able to juggle between formal hinterlands as well as casual hinterlands. Consequently, skirts tend to be multipurpose apparels as they can simply be worn with most of the apparels in our closets. This is to mean that skirts can be worn with dress shirts, tee shirts, blazers as well as most types of neckwear including neckties and neckerchiefs.

Skirts have come a long way as their history trails back to 3900BC. As such, skirts become the second most worn pieces of apparel in modern day history after pants.

Modern trends in skirt wearing

As mentioned, skirts have at all times and especially in the 19th Century, been worn only by women as they went about their daily activities. However, as a recent trend, skirts are also being worn by men as a certain class of male clothing is put under the same category as skirts. Examples of this include but not limited to; the sarong, the kilt, the gho and the fustanella which apparently is a favorite to most Greek men.

Aside from some category of men’s dressing being classified as skirts, more trends have erupted in the wearing of skirts. For instance, new skirts have hit the market that go by name of maxi dresses. Maxi dresses are overly long skirts that run from the shoulders straight to the leg ankles. The latter skirts have been received with alacrity and cheerful readiness.

Consequently, there are some skirts that have taken up the shape and forms of tunics. As such, they have a hole at the helm of the neck and hands too. In this same way, these skirts then portray the picture of an oversized or long t-shirt that doesn’t really go past the knees. The latter has been one of the hottest and most trendy skirt styles from 2015 up until now. This trend seems to have taken the fashion market by storm as it is gaining tract by the day and doesn’t seem to lose its place in the hearts of many women.

Roles of skirts in our closets

Uniforms - Most school girls will tell you that they have to rock that skirt each and every day as they go school, it’s a requirement. As such, skirts serve the roles of uniforms not only in the school environs, but also in other environments such as the workplace place environments. Examples of these workplace environments include but are not limited to; restaurants, offices, supermarkets and spas as well.

Casual wears – This is the hugest role that skirts have in this universe. You will notice that most skirts have been designed in very pretty patterns designed to only be worn in off-the-cuff environments. Casual skirts might take many forms as they exist in overly wide casual patterns that can be used in the designing of just about any skirts.

Business skirts – these are the skirts often worn in official environments and as such, little or no flamboyancy is appropriated on them. You will find such skirts being worn in business meetings. These can be likened to suit skirts.

Skirt brands

With the high demand of skirts in the prevailing fashion market, skirts from different designers have flooded the fashion market as a way of supply meeting demand. Designers with their exquisite yet different patterns have given to the market the very best of their designs, as a way of making a name for themselves and also as a way of making profits off their designs. Henry Segal is an example of a clothes designer who has made a name in the fashion industry for his immense talent in designing. Henry Segal designs close to all forms of apparels from skirts, pants, neckwear, shirts, vests, you name it.

Henry Segal skirts have found a soft spot in the hearts of most women as they have been designed adeptly to meet the needs of women. Be it as it may, Henry Segal designs always purpose to meet and pass the quality test when engaged in the designing of any form of apparels. Skirts by Henry Segal have over time, been designed using the most exquisite patterns out there.

Thanks to the latter, some of his skirts have made it to some of the world’s biggest fashion stages and runways for modeling and showcasing. Aside from the exquisite patterns in which Henry Segal skirts are made in, they are also appropriated and made from the right material. Their material is overly responsible for their quality. Most of these skirts are made from cotton, synthetic fiber as well as polyester. Cotton and Polyester have filaments that are overly fluffy and spongy to ensure that you are comfortable each and every time you wear these skirts. Consequently, cotton and polyester are resilient materials which contribute to the durability of these skirts.

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