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Henry Segal Vests

Formal vests are a necessary good for closets. The convenience that they bring about is unmatched and second to none. Formal vests are part of the normal suit but are the third part of this suit. Over the years, formal vests were closely linked or affiliated to the rich and affluent in society but a turnaround has been seen in the latter stereotype, as almost everyone can rock suit vests as they are also referred to as. Worn on the upper parts of our bodies, they can serve both roles of undergarments or outer garments. They serve as undergarments when worn with the suit jacket of the respective suit. They act as outer garments when worn without the suit jacket.

Who can wear formal vests?

Formal vests can be worn by both men and women. Consequently, they can be worn by infants as they are also available in many a wide range of body sizes. Women who wear formal vests have them sewn up in a way that will make them look exquisite and at the same time well-fitting. An observant eye would note that formal vests worn by both men and women are designed to be increasingly fitting and comfortable as a way of showing their physique.

How to wear a suit vest/formal vest/waistcoat

Formal vests are aimed at bringing out the dapper aspect in you. As such, precision and extreme prudency should be incorporated when choosing formal vests, and in the way that you are going to wear these vests.

For starters, never wear a formal vest with its buttons opened. Formal vests should have their buttons closed as it is in this way that you’ll look overly dapper. So come rain or shine, ensure that you waistcoat’s buttons are always fastened.

If you are wearing the waistcoat with a shirt, ensure that the shirt is well-fitting too. The rationale behind the latter is that, there is no point in wearing a fitting vest with a loose fit shirt; both should correspond in terms of fitness. You will look overly dapper and exquisite when you do this.

Consequently, also ensure the shoulder of the waistcoat lies alongside the body. In the same way, the vest should also lie below the collar of the shirt in which you are going to wear it with.

Although we started by saying that you should always have the buttons of the suit vest buttoned, never button the last button of the waist coat. Just like you should not button the last button of a suit jacket, never button the last button in your suit vest.

What to look out for when choosing a suit vest

The first thing to look out for when choosing a suit vest is the number of buttons that the vest has on its front. Normal suit vests have five to seven buttons up their front. As such, purpose to choose only suit vests with five to seven buttons. Any extra buttons might make the suit vest look overly embellished which is not in any way good for you.

Subsequently, always be on the lookout for the size of the vests’ armholes. Most people are victims of suit vests that have armholes smaller than their arms. As such, they become frustrated with these vests since they are not in any way, comfortable as they lack the much-needed flexibility.

If you suspect that you might add some weight in the near future, ensure that you buy or have sewn a formal vest that has an adjustable clip at the back. The clip will let you adjust your vest to the appropriate size which affords you lots and lots of comfort.

Still, on size, choose a suit to vest that of the right size and one that fits you correctly. Size is a key factor to consider as it is overly responsible for your comfort, outlook, and aura.

Last but not least, check the material in which your vest is made from. Some vests are made from a weak material that can’t stand multiple washing. This then means that your vest will serve you for a very short time. As such, choose a vest that’s made of cotton and polyester as these materials are resilient, durable and laundry friendly.

Brands of formal vests

With the exquisite aura, formal vests adduce to an individual, their demand always tends to be very high. Many designers have ensured that the fashion market never falls short of these vests by designing them in large quantities. Henry Segal, a designer, is known for his prowess in designing suit vests as well as other forms of apparels. Formal vests designed by Henry Segal have received so much love from the entire public as they have been designed proficiently to meet the needs of the same public. Henry Segal formal vests are in such high demand as they are always designed from the right material and exquisite patterns appropriated on their surfaces too.

Most of the vests designed by Henry Segal are made from Cotton and Polyester as these two materials are known for their smooth and fleecy texture. Thanks to the latter, comfort is always guaranteed. Consequently, these the cuts apportioned to these vests are all trendy which by and large lets you look fashion forward, exquisite and adorable each and every time you have them on. The relaxed cuts are also aimed at ensuring that you are always comfortable and also promotes flexibility.

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