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Neil Allyn Cummerbunds

One of the most perfectly misunderstood pieces of formal wear in a man’s wardrobe is the cummerbund. Interestingly, many people hardly get the spelling right, let alone knowing how to accessorize with the mysterious cummerbund. At some point, you may need to wear a cummerbund. There are events where this piece is perfectly matched. You can wear it to a wedding, a black tie event, or you can add it to you stage performance attire. Whereas it’s an amazing addition to red carpet events, it’s a great piece for men and women in the service industry.

 It’s true that the cummerbund may not be the most popular piece in a tuxedo ensemble. Apparently, this piece is barely understood or appreciated. Even though it’s one of the ideal accessories to add on to any formal wear, it helps to dig deeper about Neil Allyn Cummerbunds if you want to understand and appreciate its potential. The cummerbund has faded and made comebacks in the fashion arena. To understand it, there are numerous factors to consider including its history.

What is a Cummerbund?

The cummerbund is thought to have originated from Asia; India in particular. The word cummerbund is the result of two Persian words: karma and band; meaning waist and sash. In India, royalty families and personalities used to wear brightly colored sashes to hold their overflowing dresses firmly around the waist. This sash was adopted by the British army during their conquests in the Asian subcontinent. From there, the cummerbund became what it is today.

The contemporary definition of the cummerbund is a wide pre-tied, pleated sash that is worn around the waist. This piece comes in conservative colors including black, white and midnight blue. For the formal event, the white and black cummerbund will suffice. Since the cummerbund is also used in other settings, you can try and spice up things by choosing creative colors such as red, maroon, navy and the like. When the piece comes in a variety of savvy colors, it is best for casual occasions. Apparently, the reason why cummerbunds are still thought as mysterious is that they are only suited for a formal event, and since not many people attend such events regularly, the piece remains clouded in obscurity from a fashion point of view.

Whenever you want to understand Neil Allyn cummerbunds it is important to know how, where, and why this piece is an integral part of formal wear. The best fit is a cummerbund that sits on the man’s waist and covers a part of his pants and the lowest part of his tuxedo shirt. This piece is designed with pleats that offer functionality and add to the style. You can use these pleats to keep off stains and they are also handy when you want to hold light items such as tickets. Usually, the cummerbund should match the material used on the tuxedo jacket lapel to give off an alluring look. Often, satin and silk are the best materials for this item.

Fabrics, Styles, and Sizes

It’s true that cummerbunds were conventionally made from silk. Today, the tide has shifted and you can find different material being used to make cummerbunds. You are likely to come across black fabrics that come with matte finishing. Other fabrics used to make ties are also ideal for the construction of cummerbunds.

In some events, you are likely to pull off a unique cummerbund look by matching it with the bowtie. The colors can vary and it is okay to pick something else other than black. There are cummerbunds that come designed with prints with paisley, checks or pin dots being the most preferred patterns.

When it comes to fastening, the cummerbund is held in place by a slide buckle although others have tying cords or ribbons. The cummerbund is made in a one size fits many designs. If there are different sizes for Neil Allyn Cummerbunds, they will fit within the small, medium and large dimensions. You only need to know your waist measurements to find the cummerbund that fits you perfectly.

Since many people hardly understand the cummerbund, it’s important to know why it is really an important addition to the formal ensemble. You need to know that there is the perfect way of wearing it and there are restrictions and rules altogether. With this piece, it’s wrong to wear it with the pleats facing down. The pleats are used to hold stuff and as such, they should be upright all the time. Also, the piece should sit at your natural waist.

If you wear a cummerbund too high or too low, you will hurt the eventual look and it might not look refined as you intended it to be. To get it right, always ensure that part of the accessory is covering the top of your parts and the other bit should sit slightly above the last shirt button. If you want to polish off the look, make sure that the cummerbund fabric is the same material used to design your bowtie.

Our Neil Allyn Cummerbunds

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