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Neil Allyn Shirts

One of the most conspicuous pieces in a man’s wardrobe is the shirt. Whether you are choosing one for the first time or whether you are buying your eleventh shirt, you want to be sure that it helps you slay the sharp look when you step out. When it comes to buying men’s shirts, it’s never an easy undertaking. Don’t think that you will achieve the desired look if you grab any shirt off the shelf and wear it to any occasion. Choosing the right brand such as Neil Allyn Shirts is more of an art; you need careful planning and trying out the sizes.

Quality Neil Allyn shirts are a necessity for a discerning fashion fanatic. You will need to look the part in different occasion. However, you must wear a shirt that complements the rest of your outfit and one that is acceptable for the event in hand. It’s gentlemanly to invest in more than just one shirt. It doesn’t matter whether you wear these garments daily or once in a while, but the bottom line is that you will need to pull off the dream look with the shirt. You will find many shirt designs and styles out there and your personal taste will enable you to pick one that helps convey the right message.

With formal shirts from Neil Allyn shirts, you are likely to come across a range of cuts, colors, cuffs, fits and patterns. With such an enticing range of options, it’s easy to get lost. You need to know how to choose the right shirt that has the perfect details and finishing. This is the only way you will pick a shirt that helps you make the fashion statement you have always wanted. Also, when you understand all these options, the buying decision will be easy to make.

Some people look stylish when they dress in casual shirts. It’s important to try out short sleeves with muted patterns. This will still look elegant, especially when you are not a fan of formal shirts. You can still pull a semi casual look with formal shirts, if you choose versatile shirt designs and styles. The collection you will find at Neil Allyn will offer shirts that help you to dress up and down and you can manage the ideal look in any event or occasion.

Best Dress Shirts

When you want to pull off the perfect dress shirt look, you need to look at several factors. These range from your body type, height and the money you will spend. High quality shirts will cost more, but they will give you the chance to show off your sense of style. Cheap shirts will do the opposite and you may have to keep replacing them. If you want exceptional comfort, chose shirts that are between 80% to 100 percent cotton. You need to wear shirts with great sweat wicking and breathable properties. Such a shirt will help you polish up your overall appearance.

The Shirt Collar

Of the many details you need to know when you choose shirts is the collar style. This feature will help keep the shirt to body symmetry. Since its one of the most visible details, it will play a role in determining how formal or casual you look. It’s important to know the different types of collars when you dissect the shirts topic.

Point collar

Point Collars are popular and they are found on the larger percentage of off the rack shirts. The design is cut in a way that the collar points are close with a slant that is less or equal to 60 degrees. The spread collar style have points that are cut away to reveal the upper shirt and the neck is open. These collars have angles that surpass 90 degrees. They are the exact opposite of the point collar design.

Shirt Cuffs

It’s important to understand Neil Allyn shirts and their cuffs. For instance, you need to know about different cuffs such as the button and the French cuffs.

  • Button Cuffs are single cuffs that wrap around the arm and are fastened using a button. They are usually found on ready to wear shirts. Button cuffs can be designed as fixed or adjustable with two side by side buttons. Some cuffs come with two button holes and corresponding buttons. These ones are also referred to as the barrel cuffs. Button cuffs also have a smeller button on the middle of the cuff slit and it’s used to keep the area intact to prevent exposing the wrist.
  • French Cuffs are perhaps the ideal formal option, but they are versatile for daily wear. This cuff comes with a double flap that can be folded and held in place with cuff links to create a unique look. If you are not a fan of cuff links, you can use creative fabric knots though your preferences are crucial in making such a decision.

There are different ways you can follow to nail the prefect look with Neil Allyn Shirts. These garments will help you display your character and individuality whether you dress in a casual or formal manner. It’s important that you approach your decision making carefully. If you want to enjoy the versatility of the shirt, you need to pay attention to its construction, detail and always choose recognized brands on the market.

Our Neil Allyn Shirts

Neil Allyn shirts from UniformsInStock offers you perfect versatility and a sharp look whenever you want to make the right fashion statement. You can pick from our superb collection of dress shirt for black tie events and you can still pull off a casual look with our range of semi casual shirts.

 You can choose the classic "Devon" White Pleated Mandarin Tuxedo Shirt for a formal evening event, or pick the "Roger" Ivory Dress Shirt for a subtle look in the office. Choose the "Martin" French Blue Dress Shirt and cut the image of a fashion savvy executive. If you are stuck with options, talk to our experts and get the very best that you can get from Neil Allyn Shirts.

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