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Red Kap Pants

Here at UniformsInStock we offer top items from designer Red Kap uniforms. This includes Red Kap Pants, Red Kap Shirts, Red Kap Dresses, Red Kap Lab Coats and more. This is ideal for a variety of industries, especially if you want durable workwear, as well as high visibility clothing. You can choose from a variety of sizes and colors, to ensure the perfect fit that will suit your specific business needs.

When you shop from our uniform store, you can for the products according to size, color, material, and more. This will allow you to compare different items and choose those that will fit in with your business. Whether you're in the housekeeping, hotel and resort or health care industry - we have everything you might need to complete your specific uniform needs.

Red Kap is a well-known brand worldwide and they specialize in high quality work wear. They offer a range of quality items, including shirts, pants, and jackets, that will fit in perfectly with your employees. They have been in business for many decades and always offer value for money.

About Red Kap
The brand was founded in 1923 by two brothers and a cousin. They sold bib overalls under a sign that read "Harlin Bros. & Williams." As they focus on comfort and durability, the business grow quickly into what is today. The family then expanded the range of products to also include premium workwear.

The family wonder that what they should call their new line of clothing, when one of them took out a pouch of the Brazil smoking tobacco. This seemed like the perfect icon and they soon introduced the name Red Kap in 1927. An official name change followed in 1939. By this time, the family had continued to diversify even more. They now sold "matched sets" of work pants and shirts, along with the "Go-Getter" line of value-priced chambray shirts. Times were good.

When World War II happen, the Also helped by manufacturing gas mask carriers and field jackets. These were made to the same standard as the regular line of clothing. When the war was over the company joined forces with the network of laundries to pick up, deliver and supply fresh uniforms to a variety of businesses. This was a huge success and by the 1960s. They have become a major player in the workwear industry.

Today, the Red Kap uniform brand is stronger than ever and the clothing is recognized worldwide. Proving once again that comfort, durability and "done right" simply never go out of style.

Red Kap Pants
Our range of Red Kap pants, includes popular items like the navy women's poplin pant or the black pincord women's housekeeping slacks. Both styles come in a number of different colors and sizes. These Red Kap pants are made from a poly/cotton blend and are perfect for those in the cleaning, housekeeping or hotel industries. 

Our Red Kap pants are popular for the housekeeping and hotel industries due to their durability, stylish touch and professional overall appearance. The pants are likely made from a poly/cotton blend, have a solid pattern, and have four pockets for convenience. They are sustainable, affordable and help to give all of your staff members a cohesive and professional uniform ensemble.

Another great benefit of buying your Red Kap Uniforms from us, is that we can customize your uniforms, according to your business. You can add your company name and logo to your pants or other uniform items, and have all your employees be part of a professional team. It will also help your customers to instantly recognize your business and to get familiar with your brand.

If you're looking for Red Kap pants, speak to our friendly sales team. We can help you to find the right uniform for your needs, by comparing different items and choosing the range that will fit with your business. We always want to give you the best value possible, which is why we only stock high-quality work where from reputable brands across the world.

For more information about our Red Kap pants, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.