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Scrub Bottoms

f you are working in the medical field, you’ll know just how important medical scrubs are. Medical scrubs have been around for hundreds of years, and they are often worn by individuals such as nurses, surgeons, physicians and anyone else involved in the medical field, specifically working with patients.

Scrubs are often associated with surgeons, as they usually wear scrubs when they operate on a patient or spend time in the theatre. Scrubs usually consist of tops and bottoms, and they are usually worn in the same color by medical staff. But scrubs are not only used by surgeons; they are often used by nurses too. This is why you can buy scrub bottoms in different colors, to help differentiate between various people working in a hospital or medical facility.

In the past, scrubs were only white in color, but these days you can buy scrubs in almost any color you need.  You can even choose from different patterns to personalize your outfit. You'll have more options and this also makes it easier to differentiate between employees, as well as the department they are working in. there is a range of brand new design options that will allow an employee to feel more comfortable and also more fashionable while they are at work.

Healthcare uniforms like scrub bottoms are made from comfortable fabrics and this makes it easy for you to move around freely and complete your job effectively. Scrub bottoms are comfortable lightweight, and very practical to work with. They are usually made from a cotton blend and they have a drawstring waist style available, which is very convenient too.

Nursing uniforms have truly come a long way in recent decades. What used to be known as old-fashioned apron type clothing items, are today stylish nursing uniforms. They are an essential part of the job and they allow nurses to easily be identified. They were first introduced in the 1940s and by the 1970s they became the standard in medical uniforms. Scrubs were adopted over time and this has also encouraged many designers all over the world to focus on fashionable designs for medical wear.  

Buying Scrub Bottoms

When you buy scrub bottoms or complete outfits, you need to find a color that works for you and your employees. There are plenty of options available to you, and our scrubs are lightweight and modern. This means you can choose from a wide range of styles and color options for your team.

Modern scrubs now offer additional pockets and loops, to allow you to carry accessories like scissors, medical supplies, and mobile phones. These scrub uniforms have been designed specifically with medical professionals in mind, making these uniforms much more effective and versatile to use.

New technology allows healthcare uniforms to be made with softer and more comfortable materials, with added spandex. This gives you more available space to comfortably move around in, and this means you’ll enjoy wearing these scrubs for an extended period of time. You can also choose a more tailored fit when it comes to fitting scrubs for your specific body type, as these new materials fit better over the curves of your body and will allow for the perfect fit.

When you buy scrub bottoms, keep in mind that you can also use scrubs for other medical purposes, such as lab coats, pants, and footwear. They are specifically designed with versatility and comfort in mind and there is a variety of styles and colors available. Lab coats are quite long and they offer effective protection, while shoes are comfortable and easy to wear.

Our Harriton unisex restore scrub bottom is made from a cotton blend, with a drawstring waist style and one pocket for added convenience. It’s a comfortable, stylish scrub to wear and very popular too. It’s perfect to wear if you are a nurse, surgeon, or any other medical professional who works with patients.

A great idea is to have your scrubs branded with your company name – or better yet, with your employee’s name or rank. This will give a feel of acceptance and you can also use this as a way to market your business in front of your patients, suppliers, and peers.  

Scrub bottoms fit comfortably and they are made from the same protective material than medical uniforms. You can extend your outfit with medical pants as part of your wardrobe, and protect yourself as well as your patient. These pants also come in a wide range of colors and styles.

Speak to our friendly team today and find out how you can benefit from our range of medical wear, including the option to buy scrub bottoms, from a reliable supplier with great prices. If you manage a team in a medical practice, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to have everyone look professional, part of a team, and simply comfortable too.