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Security Pants

A major characteristic of security pants is that they are worn from the waist straight down to the ankle. Pants have been trimmed as the niftiest pieces of apparel in the globe as of this moment. Well anybody who would disagree with the latter can come across as naive as we observe the latter on a daily basis. The flexibility that comes with pants is also noteworthy as pants in modern day and times are being worn with very diverse clothing. For instance, pants (trousers) can be worn with dress shirts, sweat shirts, smocks – the list is endless.

When wearing pants, it can significantly influence the rest of your outfit. Pants are virtually worn by everybody – the young, old, male and female. With the latter fact being undisputed, pant s serve or fulfill multiple roles in our closets, each role either being casual or formal. From the latter, we can also deduce that pants are not limited or confined in the roles they serve, as they go miles in satisfying our official and off-the-cuff desires.

As pants fulfill the above mentioned official rules, they are often adopted as uniforms in most of our professions (especially those that call for the wearing of uniforms). A lot of professions, nearly all, incorporate pants as part of their everyday wear. Examples of these professions include but are not limited to; being a waiter or a waitresses, security, nursing and police units.

Let’s zero in on the security profession which by and large borrows greatly, the use of pants and shorts as part of its uniforms. The latter is probably because pants offer the necessary or desired comfort which makes them meet the cut as security uniform. Consequently, the security profession embarks on the wearing of pants as pants are available in a wide variety of designs. The security profession always capitalizes on the latter fact.

For instance, pants are available in the cargo pant design, a design that well suits the profession, as cargo pants have side pockets that let security details carry a lot of equipment and more so, those affiliated and designated to make communications. Security pants might also take different designs such as khakis, corduroys and tuxedo pants as well.

Qualities of quality security pants

  • Material – The quality is important for it is closely associated with comfort. Pants made of cotton, polyester and wool have a likelihood of providing services for a very long time. To this effect, purpose to buy security pants made of the aforementioned materials if you desire quality and laundry friendly pants.
  • Size – This factor is affiliated to the comfort the pants will offer. Choose pants of the correct size, not too tight and not too loose; they will be used for uniforms purposes, you wouldn’t want to be in pants that are uncomfortable to you the entire day.
  • Color – security pants should harbor dark colors as the profession is formal hence conspicuous and shouting colors should be worn by any security detail.

Our Security Pants

The Men's New Dimension 6-Pocket EMT Trouser is stocked up at UniformsInStock. It is only available in the dark blue color as we appreciate the fact that security uniforms should always harbor dark colors. It has a plain front and harbors a solid pattern. It has a non-expandable waist so one should be very prudent when choosing the waist size. It is made from a compound of polyester and cotton which makes it very durable and laundry pleasant. Horace small has designed this exquisite piece. From its name, you can deduce that it has 6 pockets – two on the sides, two at the back and finally two at the knee sides. The pockets will be especially essential when carrying communication gadgets such as walkie talkies and radios.

The Women's Tan Mid-Rise Flat Front Rugged Comfort Pant is also available for female security details. It is available in a variety of waist sizes as it has a non-expandable waist. It is available in three colors; Tan, Navy and Black. Its front is plain and is designed by Edwards. It is a classic women’s fit and is made from cotton which guarantees its quality ab initio. It has no pockets or any form of formal stripe.

We also have the Women's Tan Pleated All- Cotton Pleated Pant which is purely made of cotton. It is laundry friendly and is designed by famous designer Edwards. It is double pleated to meet the needs of those who love pants with pleats. It has a non-expandable waist but we have it stocked in a wide variety of waist sizes to circumvent this barrier. It has a solid pattern and is available in three colors; Tan, Black and Navy Blue.

The Men's Virginia Sheriff Trouser is stocked up in plenty at UniformsInStock. It is only available in Pink Tan color as this is the color Virginia Sheriffs wear. It is made of Polyester and is designed by Horace Small. It is a classic fit and has a non-expandable waist. Worry not as we have the pants in plenty of waist sizes to help you get the right fit for you. It has a plain front and has no pockets. It also lacks a formal stripe but stands out as real Sheriff pants. You are guaranteed to love this piece. Also, it is available at a pocket friendly price. This is a must have.

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Men's Black Flat Front Security Pant
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