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A true classic, stylish and underrated accessory is that of suspenders. Suspenders, also known as "braces" by some, have been around for centuries and are an accessory that are not only practical (due to the their functionality of holding up one's pants), but a stylish addition to any outfit or uniform as well. 

When it comes to suspenders, there are of course a number of different styles, materials, patterns, etc. to select from. However, understanding which type of suspender is best for your needs is up to the individual. Suspenders are available in more formal materials, such as silk or satin, making them perfect for staff uniforms in more formal environments, such as high-end hotels, casinos, as well as professional concert performers. Suspenders are also commonly seen being sported with tuxedos and formal wear for formal or black tie events, such as weddings, galas, etc. 

Casual suspenders are worn for practicality as well as personal style. Cotton, elastic, ribbon and terrycloth are among popular materials that make up more of a casual suspender selection. For more specific uniforms and industries, such as family restaurants, amusement parks, culinary, etc. suspenders are a great addition to spruce up and make any uniform memorable. 

When purchasing your suspenders from us, you can choose from options like colors, patterns, and materials. The colors you can choose from include green, charcoal, blue, orange, red, etc. Selecting a color that is cohesive with the rest of your staff uniforms is a great way to stick with a theme and unified look. Suspender patterns include checkered, striped, solid, and polka dot, offering a fun way to help your uniforms become unique, add a pop of color and some flare. 

Finding the suspenders that is best for your needs is really simple here at By using our filtering system, you are able to break down your search to specific needs, such as color, pattern, material, width, length, ends, designer, etc. to find exactly what you are looking for. This not only cuts down your shopping time, but allows you to easily find what you're looking for, or get some inspiration if you are still unsure! 

Suspenders Style & Fit 
When it comes to suspenders, first make sure that you choose the right fit is an important aspect. Because without a good fit, your staff could not look unified and professional. Another important reason for a good fit is comfort. When wearing suspenders, whether it's for personal or working reasons, chances are you will be wearing them for a long time, so assuring the length, style and overall feel of the suspenders is a good match will lead to suspender wearing success.

In terms of suspenders, you can also choose between different styles, like skinny suspenders, big and tall suspenders, or classic suspenders. We have great suspender options from various popular and reliable brands that make high-quality, stylish and professional suspenders.

Along with suspenders, we offer a variety of different accessories to complete all of your uniform needs. Items, such as pants, neckties, gloves, aprons, and formal jewelry. Accessories are also available in a variety of different colors to perfectly accessorize your staff uniforms, or any other outfit you prefer.

When it comes to choosing the right color suspenders, it really depends on your your personal style, uniform needs or company colors. We offer a selection of colors, including black, red, orange, blue and more. These color families include specific shades assuring that there are plenty of options for everyone. 

Buying Suspenders
When buying suspenders, make sure you find the style that works best for you. Suspender styles are typically either in an “X” or a “Y” style. Although these suspenders ultimately perform the same function, there may be a  preference in terms of the style, comfort and suspender wearing reasoning. You can also choose the specific suspender widths, which range from 1” up to 1.5”.  In terms of suspender ends, you can choose from clips, leather, or woven options.

A majority of our suspenders have a regular length of 46” and are great for those between 5'2" and 6'1" tall; whereas tall suspenders, 54", are a better fit for those between the heights of 6' and 6'4". This offers plenty of options in terms of suspender styles so that you can feel comfortable and prepared with your purchase. 

As a leading uniforms store, UniformsInStock offers suspenders (and other accessories), we pride ourselves on offering a range of high quality, affordable pieces to complete any uniform look. We are your number one resource for uniform dresses, shirts, pants, vests, chef wear, etc. With hundreds of styles to choose from, finding practical and versatile uniform pieces is simple and exciting. 

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