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June 21 happens to be the Global t-shirt day. On this day, we experience a t-shirt craze that had never been seen or experienced before. From Guadalupe to Jamaica, those who had marked this date up in their calendar or diary, came out in t-shirts to celebrate and carousel t-shirts, a garment they love so much. Wonder why so many people love t-shirts? Well, the answer is pretty simple; t-shirts give them a reason to be less uptight every day.

As a result, people rock t-shirts when they want to relax or in the event that they don’t want to feel as uptight as they do when rocking formal wear. From the latter, we can then conclude that t-shirts serve up a casual role in our wardrobes, one that’s pretty laid-back and off the cuff.

Who can wear t-shirts?

Since their entry into the fashion market in 1920, t-shirts have continually played a unisex role. This means that t-shirts can be worn by both men and women, and even kids. This means that you can get a stylish t-shirt especially for children of all ages. With t-shirts manifesting themselves in different colors and patterns, any person who can wear a t-shirt has a wide variety to choose from.

For instance, girls and women love floral and conspicuous patterns in most of their things. As such, they tend to choose t-shirts that are floral and conspicuous in nature. Consequently, males love dark and less conspicuous colors. As such, the wide array in which t-shirts present themselves have their effect on who wears them and what people consider before they buy t-shirts.

Roles of T-Shirts

As seen herein, T-Shirts play a casual role in our wardrobes. However, this is not the only role t-shirts can play. T-shirts can be used to portray or showcase one’s interests and creativity. To this effect, t-shirts are by and large a creativity platform. This can be seen in the millions of t-shirts that have been customized imprint or showcase a person’s ingenuity. For example, some t-shirts have been customized to glow in the dark while some have been customized to change up colors subtly in a manner that is noticeable.

Customization doesn’t end here – far from it. Some t-shirts have personal imprints on. These imprints are used for promotional or advertisement purposes. To this effect, t-shirts play the role of advertisement, a role that is also played by the media, advertising agencies as well as the internet. Hence a t-shirt tends to be a golden platform in promotional services.

The virtue of t-shirts appearing in different colors also adds up another role to this list: visibility. Colors such as yellow and lime green on t-shirts make the person wearing them visible. Such t-shirts can be worn at night when one is riding, driving or even walking to avoid being hit by a car or a bike even.

Types of t-shirts

  • Polo T-Shirts – these are t-shirts designed by the giant design company polo. They are increasingly versatile and can be worn in a wide array of events. Some of the t shirts from polo are long sleeved while some are short sleeved as normal t shirts are.
  • V-Neck T-Shirts – as the name suggests, these t-shirts have a v-shaped form on the front part of the collar. To most men, this is a must have in their wardrobes. Consequently, men who are well-built and have ab structures on their stomachs, enjoy wearing these types of tees as they showcase their fine well-built bodies.
  • Graphic T-Shirts – these are t-shirts that have a message, graphic representation, picture or slogan on their front. These are the type of t-shirts used for promotional and marketing purposes.

Our T-Shirts

We also have stocked up both the Black Threadfast Apparel Unisex Tri-Blend Short Sleeve T-shirt. These are a unisex fit, made of a poly/cotton/rayon blend making them soft to the touch and comfortable for extensive hours or work. These are available in sizes XS - 3XL to ensure that each and every one of our customers finds his or her fit. 

Another version of this Unisex Tri-Blend Short Sleeve T-Shirt is the Grey Tri-Blend color. This is a great option for those working in a variety of different industries. From its name, you can deduce the fact that it is short sleeved which is one of its best features. This is because it can blend in perfectly with the rest of your employee uniforms, be worn under uniform pieces, such as a chef coat or lab coat, or be styled any other way your company prefers or requires.

For more information about our range of t-shirts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch