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Uniform Pants

Pants form the basis of any outfit. They act as the foreground and a background to the rest of your attire. How you wear your pants determines your overall look in terms of height. For instance, wearing high rise pants with long straight legs will make you look taller, while a leg with boot tucks or cuffs can make you look shorter. If you want to pull off the perfect look with a dress or work pants, you should know how to buy pants with the perfect fit. If you have to resize it, it could end up ruining the pants.

General Rules

When you buy pants, you should have an idea about your body type and size. You should avoid relying on the tailor to resize. Sometimes, you are never sure whether you have the right person doing the resizing. The good thing with pants is that most of them will have their sizes written on a label around the waistband. It helps to confirm the sizes on pairs that fit. This makes it easy to identify your actual size when you go shopping. Whereas it’s important to know your waist size, it’s good to note that sizes vary from one manufacturer to the other.

The right way to pick your favorite pair of pants is to keep off the baggy versions. They are likely to give you a saggy appearance, especially from the rear. At the same time, keep off tight overly pants since the put pressure on your rear and give off a wedgy look. To find the right pair, it’s advisable that you take the time to shop and try them before a mirror. You should only spend money if the pair fits you well instead of buying just because the color looks amazing or flashy.

Buying your pants isn’t supposed to be a one-man task exclusively. There are shop attendants at your local store. You should make use of their expertise by asking questions. These experts can help you pick the right fabrics and the perfect cut to suit your style.  The cut should match your style, while the fabric should feel snug against your body. Pants that are tight especially around your crotch will give you the wrong appearance.

Pants can be resized to become shorter. When you buy, always make sure that it’s a size bigger. Some pant makers don’t leave enough space for leg adjustments. If it fits on the waist rear and the entire leg, the additional fabric can be cut, if you buy one that’s too long on the breaks. Your pants should fit in a uniform manner such that they don’t hold tight on the thighs and be loose everywhere else. The secret is to try different pants until you find one that feels perfect.

On top of having handy pant shopping tips, it’s important to know the different types of pants out there. This is the only way you can be assured of a stress-free shopping experience.

Different Types of Pants

Straight Leg Pants

Straight leg pants are for all body types. These pants come made with even dimensions from the thigh all the way down the hem. They are neither wide nor narrow. The look gives a balanced, straight line down the leg. Straight leg pants hide wide hips and thick thighs well. You should take care to avoid pants with tapering legs. This can create an imbalance and make your hips look wider. Whether you are slender, petite or plus size straight-leg pants are ideal for all body types.

Boot Cut Pants

Both cuts come with a conservative fit from the waist and create a straight leg look. However, they have a slight flare when they hit the hem. This design was made to be worn with cowboy boots, but it’s compatible with different types of shoes. Full figure individuals and petite women can benefit with a long slimmer look. They offer the same benefits just like straight-leg pants and they will help you accentuate your assets.

Skinny Pants

When it comes to skinny pants, they are not ideal for any body type. They work best for not too thin and not too full figures. Even though they are fashionable, it’s advisable to avoid them if you have additional pounds on your curves.

Cropped Pants

Cropped pants are good for summer, especially if you don’t like shorts. To pull off the right appearance, you need to know your full body length. For instance, women with pronounced calves need to select cropped pant whose hems lie on top of the widest part of the calf. If you are petite, then, cropped straight leg pants are the best. If you are tall, avoid cropped pants that stop above the ankle and choose the mid-calf length. If you are thin, choose cropped skinny pants.

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