Restaurant Aprons

The kitchen is a place filled with activity. However, as most of us know, cooking is the main activity that takes place in the kitchen. With so much going on, you can be sure that the kitchen is often messy, dirty and even dangerous. You may be wearing stylish clothing that you don’t want damaged, and that’s why you should consider buying aprons.

Aprons protect us from accidentally staining our clothes when in the kitchen. Some stains are tough to remove from our clothes; to avert this; we always incorporate the use of aprons every time we go to the kitchen. It is an outer garment worn on the front part of your body as a protective cover.

You can buy aprons for various environments, including homes, restaurants and behind the counter. In a restaurant, aprons form part of uniforms that chefs and cooks wear as they go about their daily kitchen activities. They wear aprons as they interact with lots of ingredients that might stain and ruin their exquisite chef and cook uniforms. Such ingredients include but are not limited; spices, tomatoes, onions, cooking fat and coriander. The latter ingredients might create messy spots in the kitchen which might then splash on the uniforms of the kitchen staff; this is an undesired result.

Some restaurants also have a bar or chill spot which serves drinks, with waiters in these sections often wearing aprons. Drinks being liquids with high mobility, spill and splash easily – this might happen inadvertently or unmistakably. The bottom-line however is, when drinks spill and splash, they are likely to create an ugly mess. The waiter’s clothes might get drinks spilled on accidentally and this might not be an interesting sight to see. Well, this is where aprons come in – to prevent uniforms or other clothing item from being stained or sullied.

Apron styles

  • Homemade aprons – these as the name suggests, are simple apron designs made domestically. No flamboyance exists in these aprons as they are designed to protect one from kitchen grime and nothing further.
  • Bib Aprons – these are often worn by chefs who intend to cover the upper and lower part of the body.
  • Tabard aprons – a major characteristic of these is that they cover the front and the back part of the body.
  • Bungalow aprons – a major feature of these is that they take the form of a full umbrella dress as they intend to cover the upper and lower part of the body. They also cover the front and back part of the body.

Our Aprons

We do appreciate the need for aprons in the hospitality industry which is why we have gone out of our way to stock them at UniformsInStock. As if this is not enough, we have stocked the aprons in plenty of designs, each being unique and exquisite in its own way.

We have the Mid-Length Bib Apron which covers the front part of the body. It is available in white and Black colors as these are the most worn colors by restaurant staff. It is designed by uncommon threads and harbors a solid pattern. Being a compound of cotton and polyester, the bib apron will be long durable, as these materials provide the best in quality. To maintain this apron, never hand wash it – incorporate the use of a washing machine in case it needs washing. Its dimensions are 33"L x 29"W.

We also have the Three-Section Pocket Waist Apron stocked at UniformsInStock. It is an exquisite apron designed by Uncommon Threads. Its dimensions are 11"L x 23"W and has one front pocket. Always wash this apron with a laundry machine for care and maintenance purposes. It is made of cotton and polyester and is available in close to ten colors.

The Dealer Specialty Apron in Black is also available. 14"L x 23"W is its dimensions. From the apron’s name, we can deduce that it is only available in Black color. Only wash this piece with a washing machine as hand washing it might breach its durability. It has no pockets and has been designed by Uncommon Threads. It is available at a pocket friendly price too,

The Utility Pouch Specialty Apron in Black is stocked in plenty here at UniformsInStock. We have it only in Black color. Uncommon Threads have proficiently designed this apron and annexed three pockets to it. 7.25"L x 11.5"W is the apron’s dimension. It has a solid pattern and should only be washed by a laundry machine.

Two-Section Pocket Waist Apron is available in close to seven colors for you to choose from. It has one pocket and bears the dimensions of 11"L x 23"W. Uncommon Threads designed this piece and made it bear a solid pattern. It is made of cotton and polyester material which guarantees its durability. It is guaranteed to look good on both waiters and waitresses.

We also have the Bar Bistro Apron which is designed to be used when serving drinks. It has a Bistro style and bears 33"L x 28"W dimensions. Uncommon Threads designed this piece of apron. It also has a solid pattern and is made from both cotton and polyester. Desist from handwashing this piece. Instead, wash it using a machine for maintenance and durability purposes.

For more information about our selection of aprons, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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  1. Two-Section Pocket Waist Apron


    Two-Section Pocket Waist Apron
  2. Three-Section Pocket Waist Apron


    Three-Section Pocket Waist Apron
  3. Half-Waist Three-Pocket Waist Apron


    Half-Waist Three-Pocket Waist Apron
  4. Bar Bistro Apron


    Bar Bistro Apron
  5. Classic Bib Apron


    Classic Bib Apron
  6. Mid-Length Bib Apron


    Mid-Length Bib Apron
  7. Four-Way Folded Waist Apron


    Four-Way Folded Waist Apron
  8. Full Bistro Apron


    Full Bistro Apron
  9. Half-Waist Two-Section Pocket Waist Apron with Pinstripes


    Half-Waist Two-Section Pocket Waist Apron with Pinstripes
  10. Full Bistro Apron in Black with Pinstripes


    Full Bistro Apron in Black with Pinstripes
    $6.9500 As low as $8.7600
  11. Half-Waist Two-Section Pocket Waist Apron with Pinstripes


    Half-Waist Two-Section Pocket Waist Apron
  12. Adjustable Bib Apron


    Adjustable Bib Apron
  13. Two-Patch Pocket Bib Apron


    Two-Patch Pocket Bib Apron
  14. Two-Section Pocket Bistro Apron


    Two-Section Pocket Bistro Apron
  15. Pencil Patch-Pocket Bib Apron


    Pencil Patch-Pocket Bib Apron
  16. Adjustable Three-Pocket Bib Apron


    Adjustable Three-Pocket Bib Apron
  17. Two-Pocket Bistro Apron


    Two-Pocket Bistro Apron
  18. Adjustable Butcher Bib Apron


    Adjustable Butcher Bib Apron
  19. Four-Way Folded Long Bistro Apron


    Four-Way Folded Long Bistro Apron
  20. Three-Section Pocket Bistro Apron


    Three-Section Pocket Bistro Apron
  21. Inset Pocket Bistro Apron


    Inset Pocket Bistro Apron
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