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Everybody loves to treat themselves to a good spa visit every now and then. We are often caught up in a lot of events on a daily basis, and we often forget to look after ourselves. Take a little time from your busy and demanding schedule to just relax, and unwind. You can even visit the spa, as it’s always a good idea as this is where you get to have that alone time you always crave for. Whether you go to the spa to get a massage, to get hair dressed or to get your nails done, you do this for your own sake. Spas are different from one region to another but the constant thing about spas is that spa attendants are always in unique dressing as they offer their excellent services to you.

You must have noticed that the clothing at the spa is far different from the kind of clothing we see every day on the streets. Spa attendants dress in professional spa dresses as they provide their services to you. clothing is not only aimed at promoting professionalism, but is also aimed at making the spa attendants comfortable and flexible.

Spa dresses are at all times worn by female spa attendants. A close look at a spa dress would tell you for one that, the spa place is a strictly professional place that has little or no room for absurdity. Consequently, the spa dresses are also freely designed to promote or enhance comfort for the spa attendants. Remember that spa sessions could take up to 6 long hours; this is why the dresses are designed to be a bit loose to let the one wearing have some breathing space at least.

Qualities of good spa dresses

Good spa dresses should be of the correct knee size. This is especially important because most spas have a specific dress policy which is aimed at increasing the professionalism. This policy in spas is also promoted in spas as most spa dresses show little or no skin of the spa attendants. You will also notice that, spa dresses are always buttoned up to the top. This design is intentional and is aimed at showing little or no cleavage of the spa attendants.

The correct knee length of spa dresses should be that of past the knee; spa dresses should nearly touch the ankle. Consequently, spa dresses should be short sleeved to ensure that the spa attendant is comfortable when tendering that massage to you. Short sleeved spa dresses are also effective as they avoid the sleeves from getting in the way when the attendant is working on you. Long sleeved spa dresses would be stressful since they would need to be rolled time and again. Long sleeved spa dresses can also catch massage oil very easily which is why short sleeved spa dresses are preferred to long sleeved spa dresses. They should also be made of the correct material.

The best material would be cotton, wool and/or polyester. The reason behind the latter is to ensure that the dress is durable and laundry friendly. Remember that spa dresses need to be washed often as they often get stained by massage oil and other spa utility. To this effect, you might want to consider getting a spa dress that is laundry friendly.

Our Spa Dresses

We have the Black Pincord Double-Breasted Housekeeping Dress which is available in Black color. We have it in a wide range of sizes as we understand that spa attendants might have different body sizes. It has a striped pattern and is 45 inches in length. It is designed by Red Kap and has two pockets annexed to it. It is made of both polyester and cotton which makes it very laundry friendly. However, to ensure its durability, incorporate the use of a washing machine if the dress needs washing. It also has button fasteners and is double breasted to enhance its efficiency.

The Tan Pincord Double-Breasted Housekeeping Dress is also available at UniformsInStock. It is only available in the Tan color. UniformsInStock understands that the Spa environments require professional dressing too. This is why we have stocked up the dress in the correct length. Its length is 45 inches. It is made of cotton and polyester and is designed by famous designer Red Kap. This dress should never be hand washed. Instead, incorporate the use of a washing machine when washing the dress.

We also have the Burgundy Pincord Double-Breasted Housekeeping Dress. From its name, we can deduce that its color is Burgundy. It is short sleeved and has a stripped pattern. It is designed by Red Kap and has two breast pockets. It is 45 inches in length and made from both cotton and polyester. Catch the dress in a variety of body sizes and be sure to get one that’s of the correct size for you.

Hunter Pincord Double-Breasted Housekeeping Dress is stocked up in plenty at UniformsInStock. It is designed by Red Kap and has two breast pockets annexed to it. It is made from cotton and polyester which guarantees the dresses’ durability and ease in maintenance and laundry. You don’t have to worry about getting the correct size for you as we have the dress stocked up in a variety of body sizes for your sake. Its length is 45 inches. Get this dress in the hunter color. You will love this dress as its comfort and flexibility are to die for.

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