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A Blazer For All

There is one article of clothing that can be added to enhance just about any uniform in any industry. Of course accessories are on that list, but the main one we would like to highlight today, is the blazer. 

Blazers are extremely underrated when it comes to not just uniforms, but clothing options in general. They are perfect to pair with jeans, brighten a semi-formal ensemble with some slacks, or round out a uniform for an overall professional and still stylish look. 

Whether you are in the hospitality industry, hotel or casino industry, food and beverage industry, or you work at a corporate office, a blazer is a great addition to your everyday working uniform or look. 

Blazers pair perfectly with slacks or dress pants for men, dress pants or skirts for women and both dress shirts, t-shirts and even polo's can be worn with a blazer. Their versatility is endless! For something so simple,  the amount of professionalism and polished a blazer can add to an outfit is almost instant. 

Like most clothing, blazers come in a variety of different colors, sizes, patterns and materials. This makes it simple to coordinate with your co-workers, business colors, theme or dress code. 

Keeping it classic with a nice black blazer, like the Women's Neil Allyn, "Veronica". Or the addition of a sleek and chic men's navy blue blazer like the "Oliver." But, blazers can also be fun too! Bright colors make a uniform memorable from the get-go. Perfect examples are the men's "Alberto" Eggplant Blazer. And for the women, a beautiful and charming Pink Blazer.

At the end of the day, uniforms will always be styled and chosen based off of what is best for the company, the staff and the overall look. However, a blazer is a great example of how quickly things can be brought to the next level.