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Tips For Choosing Your Employee Uniforms

When it comes to dressing your employees, choosing the right uniform is important. Here are a few great tips on designing the best uniforms, to benefit your business and your employees.

Whether you are a brand-new startup, or need to revamp your company’s look, you probably have employee uniforms on your mind. This aspect of your company is about more than providing a standard look for your employees - it is essential to your brand and the impressions you leave with customers.

Now that you know just how powerful a uniform can be, you may be wondering how you should design the perfect uniform for your business. There is an enormous variety of styles, colors and other factors to consider, but a few basic tips will always hold true when it comes to making a good uniform.

Maintain your brand
While you consider design options for your employee uniforms, always be sure to keep your company’s brand in mind. This, of course, includes decisions on factors like color but it also encompasses so much more than that.

Subtle design choices can have a big impact on how your company and its employees are viewed. Is yours modern, cutting edge and geared toward working professionals, or is it perhaps more targeted at parents of young kids? The difference here is huge, and that should be conveyed in your uniform choices. It may mean deciding between simple polo shirts with company logos, more colorful shirt and pant combos, and other options.

Finally, take some time to think about every aspect of the uniform and how you can use it to relate back to your brand. Don’t forget to consider additional items - such as hats, name tags, etc. - when designing your uniforms. These small touches can be as impactful as the uniform itself.

Listen to your employees
Ultimately, you get the deciding vote when it comes to your employees’ uniforms, and you should base your decisions based on what you think is best for your company. However, it doesn’t hurt to get input from your employees who would be wearing the new uniforms. By asking them what they think about different textures or uniform elements, you may be able to get a better idea of what they are comfortable in. They may offer you valuable ideas about cuts, styles and materials you haven’t yet considered.

Always be functional
Above all, your employee uniforms have to be functional for the job. Even though you may prefer certain looks or styles, not every design will work for every job type. For example—moisture wicking, lightweight fabrics are often best for outdoor physical work. For less strenuous jobs, however, you may not need such specific fabric types. The best uniform is one that blends your company’s brand with functionality, so ask yourself practical questions during the design process.

Buying Uniforms Online
Many employers are frustrated about how to buy employee uniforms these days. On the one hand, the brick and mortar stores may not be very convenient, either because they are too far away or because they do not have the selection or service that an employer desires. On the other hand, the online world has a wide variety of inventory and choices available in the palm of your hand.

When you buy uniforms online, take your time. Selecting employee uniforms is a big decision, because your employees are a representation of your brand image. Once you have committed to a particular look and feel for your employee uniforms, it will be difficult to change. This is why we recommend that you buy your employee uniforms from us, with the help of a consultant, and request samples of employee uniforms that will give your employees a smart look and feel.

Visit your workplace, and imagine what your employees will look like in your new uniforms. Your employees, after all, are not mannequins. You want to imagine them with your new uniforms on, and you want to imagine them with their new uniforms on in your place of employment. A red uniform might look wonderful in the catalog, but not so great against your turquoise lobby.

Brainstorm various ideas for your employee uniforms. Don’t decide too quickly, but rather brainstorm at least three different variants of your look and feel. By requesting samples, you will be able to see how they might look in the real world.

Consider your workforce as an ensemble. Imagine how your bartender will look, as well as your waitresses, as well as your store managers. The team, as a whole, should look unified, but each individual should look unique and different. By selecting the best employee uniforms online, you can quickly imagine what they will look like in the real world.

By driving your company’s brand and keeping style and functionality in mind, you will be able to design uniforms that make an impact. Keep these tips in mind during the design process so you can create uniforms both your employees and your customers will love!