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Uniforms We Can All Immediately Recognize

The word uniform can mean many different things to many different people. For those that wear one, a uniform is something that you not only become representative of, but also begins to represent a big part of you. It’s something that is put on every morning or evening and becomes routine and by default a staple in your wardrobe.

Uniforms have been around for an extensive amount of time. If you think about it, uniforms range for almost any and all industries. Most people would instantly recognize someone wearing a classic relaxation and spa uniform and be able to decipher what industry they were in. Even being able to recognize the undeniably hardworking men that wear construction uniforms working on the street is something we all know. We’ve grown accustomed to seeing all different types of uniforms and representations for different industries, careers, locations, etc. Because of this, as a whole, it creates a sort of comfort and recognition when a specific uniform is seen that you can undoubtedly identify and connect with.

Thinking about this and how we just automatically associate a specific uniform to a specific business, we’ve thought about a few distinctively loved companies, organizations, and professions that we without a doubt can all immediately identify what they stand for just by seeing their uniform.

Obviously, the green aprons, hats and shirts with the classic logo give this one away. Starbucks is a beloved company throughout the entire world. With their unique and different variety of coffee and tea creations, it’s only natural that their uniforms are as characteristic as the company itself.

Traveling the globe showing off their insane basketball skills and talents for decades, are the Harlem Globetrotters. To be a Globetrotter is no joke, and neither are those timeless white shorts with the red stripes and bright colorful jerseys. The whole ensemble stands out just as much as the athletes do to the point where you would not only recognize a Globetrotter, but be able to physically see them from miles and miles away. 

One of the most standard, but completely expected uniforms we all know...the flight attendant. Ever been on a plane before? Then you have most likely come across a flight attendant in your lifetime. Waiting for your flight in the designated boarding section of the airport or even walking through the airport, being able to tell who is a flight attendant is extremely easy and comforting. Depending on the airline, the uniforms worn are usually representative to the airline colors and standards which makes them all unique but also familiar.

Take it from us, the number of doctors, surgeons, nurses, etc. around the world are infinite. But, when it comes to being able to spot one is a lot less complicated than you would think. Their typical uniform ranges depending on their expertise, but you can be sure if you catch a doctor or surgeon they will most likely be wearing some sort of more formal shirt, tie, trousers underneath of a lab coat. As for nurses, PA’s, etc. Scrubs are their go too and being able to have fun with designs and colors helps us to identify with them too which is always a good thing.

These easily identifiable uniforms were just a few on the never-ending list. But it goes to show that uniforms say and mean something. They help us to identify, relate, and understand. And although they all mean different things, in the end they are just a fraction of what the actual job means and represents.