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Executive Apparel Blazers

Blazers hold a special place both in the hearts of men and women as they do wonders for both their closets. To women, blazers came across as sugar to sweeten their tea as they spice up most of the apparels they wear. Having in mind how women love to experiment with clothing, you can only imagine how treasured a blazer is to them. Men have not been left out in this equation either as they pretty much wear a blazer with anything they put their hands on. From the latter, we can easily come to the conclusion that blazers are multipurpose apparels that fulfill our diverse closet needs, be they formal or casual.

Difference between a blazer and a suit jacket

A blazer pretty much takes after a suit jacket. However, the discrepancy between a suit jacket and blazer manifests in essentially how a suit jacket is cut. A blazer jacket is often casually cut while a suit jacket is essentially clean cut right from the on-set. Consequently, the buttons of a jacket might differ at times; some blazer jackets have gold and metallic buttons while suit jackets have normal flat and plastic buttons. Another difference between a blazer and a suit jacket is that suit jackets are essentially accompanied by a suit jacket from the onset while blazers come as a lone item.

Blazer designs

Like other apparels, blazers exist in different designs as they are from different designers. Executive Apparel is one of the most renowned blazer designers in the fashion scene. Executive Apparel design and manufacture company is also responsible for the design of neckwear, shirts as well as vests.

Executive Apparel blazers have grown in demand over the years thanks to the proficiency in which they are designed. For starters, Executive Apparel blazers have been designed with suitable and efficient materials to let the owner feel comfortable and cozy in the blazer. Executive Apparel blazers have been made from both cotton and polyester material.

Want to know why wearing an Executive Apparel designed blazer feels so comfortable and cozy? Well, its cotton and polyester material is to thank for it. Cotton fabrics are carefully sewn to be crisp and fleecy; this is why Executive Apparel blazers feel so soft and comfortable when rocked. Their fabric is aptly designed to ensure you are always comfortable regardless of whether you wear it with a dress shirt or tee shirt. The cotton and polyester materials that make up blazers designed by Executive apparel are responsible for the longevity and resilience of these blazers.

Executive Apparel designs their blazers to meet or serve a large portion of the market. For starters, their blazers are in two designs; one for the male and the other for females. Consequently, the wide ranges of sizes in which these blazers are manufactured in make it possible for you to get one for you little kid - boy or a girl. Thanks to the latter, you can easily get an Executive Apparel designed blazer of any size regardless of your gender and age – impressive right?

Executive Apparel blazers also have special features to make your wearing them worthwhile. For starters, they have a few pockets annexed to them both on the outside and the inside. The inside pocket comes across as the most essential, as most use it to safely house their essential items such as car keys and phones. Similarly, they have vents that make your blazer look increasingly stylish and designer made – like they essentially are. They have beautifully cut lapels most of which are of the notch nature. Their buttons also let you fasten your blazer in the cold and chilly weather for due deserved warmth.

Our Executive Apparel Blazers

We have the "Winston" Men's Blazer which is available in any color you might think of. It is heavily stocked with a wide range of colors to let you choose one or two for the varying environments you might be a creature of. Consequently, the blazer is stocked in a variety of sizes to let you choose one that fits you correctly. It has notch lapels and two side vents. It also harbors an exquisite solid pattern and is made of polyester material. It has three pockets on the outside and one on the inside. Its front also has two buttons. Catch it at a pocket-friendly price too.

The "Isabella" Women's Blazer is also heavily stocked at UniformsInStock. It has two side vents and harbors a solid pattern. It has two buttons and four pockets – three on its outermost surface and one on the inner side. There are also a variety of colors to choose from hence you can choose one for a casual or a formal environment. It is available in all body sizes and is strictly a woman’s fit. Its lapels are of the notch nature. Made of polyester, you can be sure that it will serve you for a long time (if you preserve it well of course).

The Men's Ecotex Recycled Polyester Blazer is made from polyester which warrants its longevity and comfort. Polyester fiber being crisp and fleecy, you are guaranteed of its comfort and coziness. We have stocked it in black and navy colors to meet both your formal and casual needs. We have it in different sizes to meet your body size needs as well. It is a classic fit and harbors an adorable solid pattern. It is a two – buttoned blazer that has four pockets. It has notch lapels and two accompanying side vents.

For more information about our selection of Executive Apparel blazers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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