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Edwards Casual Shirts

One of the first things we all do day-in and day-out is put on a shirt. Whether it's a dress shirt, uniform shirt, tunic, casual shirt, etc. Wearing a shirt is something of second nature to us. When it comes to wearing (or choosing) a shirt to add to your uniform, finding the style shirt that not only best suits your needs, but is the most appropriate will ultimately be how you and your business want to be viewed. Thus, it’s important to spend time looking for your perfect uniform shirt. If you have to choose between Edwards Shirts, taking a look at the casual shirts you will see a refreshing and stylish collection for modern working men and women.

Casual shirts have always been one of the top garments that make up most of our wardrobe. Today, the shirt is revered just like shoes, blazers and pants. After the evolution of the shirt throughout the years, the value of the perfect casual shirt has continued to rise. But, before adding a casual shirt to your employee uniforms, it helps to know what truly makes for a fine and appropriate shirt.

One of the most important aspects that constitute a any shirt is the fabric used to construct one. Knowing the details and materials that make up a shirt and can really help to enhance and add value to any outfit. Another important aspect is the construction of the shirt. How well-made a shirt is will ultimately determine how long the shirt will last and how well it will hold up appearance wise.

Finding the Right Shirt to Wear

Different industries, along with different standards and individuals require different styles of shirts for different things. Everything from fit, to color to style is specific to the time of day, the individual, the event, the environment and many more factors. 

If you are to attend a job interview, the shirt you pick is better off with conservative and solid colors. White, light blue, or gray are ideal for such an occasion. You want to make a great a great first impression. Whereas if you're working or attending a social event and you want to be the talk of the party, you can opt for bright color, such as bright green, pink, or orange, or a cool and stylish pattern. Edwards Shirts have a variety of formal and casual shirts that can be styled to suit different events.

Shirt Fits

When choosing a casual shirt, it’s important that you think about your body type and frame. Different figures and physiques will work well with specific shirt fits. Having an understanding of sizing and measurements will make for a better fitting and therefore better looking overall look when wearing the shirt. Oversized shirts can end up looking a little slobbish and untidy, whereas too small of a shirt can be too revealing or end up tearing on the job.


Shirts for Bigger Frames

Even though you might be carrying extra pounds in your middle area, you shouldn’t choose baggy shirts. Big shirts will only make you to look even bigger. There is a shirt for everyone. You can still get something stylish to complement your big figure. However, stay away from the fitted or too tight shirts. You can look good in a regular fit, but you should make sure it stretches down to the arc of your seat. The fabric around your chest and stomach should be relaxed instead of ballooning out.

Shirts for Small Frames

If you’re short, getting the ideal shirt that accentuates your size is a bit tricky. You need to look for a shirt that gives you the impression of being taller. You should choose a shirt that streamlines your outfit. If you choose vertical stripes, you will get it right. Don’t pick the baggy ones since they can “swallow” the height aspect if they are blowing all around your middle.

Our Edwards Casual Shirts

Choose Edwards Causal Shirts from UniformsInStock for an impressive addition to any wardrobe or uniform. We have a superb array of casual shirts that are sure to suit most specific needs. We have collections of long, short and ¾ sleeves and a superb range of polo shirts and dress shirts too. The color palettes are vast and vibrant making these casual shirts instantly lovable.

Some of our most popular casual shirts are Men's Navy Pique Polo and the Women's Burgundy Poplin Short Sleeve Open Neck Blouse. Both of these options are available in a variety of colors and are perfect to add to any casual outfit, or to add to any fitting uniform ensemble. Our Edwards Causal Shirts collection has even more to offer; contact us today and discover!

For more information about our Edwards Casual Shirts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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