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Edwards Smocks

For those working in the hospitality, food processing, health care, etc. industries, a smock might be a core part of your every day uniform. Smocks are a a garment that goes on top of your shirt as a protective and professional uniform look. Since their main purpose is to protect the person and the clothing their wearing, a smock should always be worn as an outer garment rather than an undergarment. Some of our favorite high-quality smocks are made by Edwards.

Smocks are highly common in a variety of different work environments - and are often worn by women. However, the latter is not to meant that smocks are to be worn by women only – far from it – men also frequently rock smocks as they are as involved in work place environments as women are. Consequently, smocks are a popular garment that have been around for a long time and serve up many purposes.

Traditionally, smocks take up the shape of a shirt, but they are a bit oversized since there is typically something being worn under it. Smocks can be both long or short sleeved and come in different colors and patterns. The main function of buying smocks it to cover up one’s other clothes from damage, stains, etc. In kitchens for example, one might wear a smock to protect themselves from kitchen mishaps and messes, whereas at hospitals, nurses might wear them to prevent one’s clothes from coming into contact with medicine or chemicals, etc.

Types of Smocks

Edwards smocks, just like other items and brands, appear in different styles. Some of the most popular smock styles include:

  • Round smock – this kind of smock takes up the shape of a sweater but its neckline is open and is round in nature. You can reverse the smock inside out.
  • Shirt smock – As the name suggests, these take up the shape and form of a shirt. It has a collar and has an opening on its neck. You cannot reverse this smock; it is irreversible.
  • Coat smock – This takes up the shape of a coat and is often long – past the normal waist length that most smocks usually are. The coat smock is also characterized by its very large buttons.
  • Unit smock – this kind of smock is reversible and is worn by most fishermen. The knit smock is long and designed or mottled in indigo.
  • Fisherman’s smock – This kind of smoke is designed to cover fishermen from any grime that fish might bring upon their clothes. As such, it is designed to be long and a bit loose. It is also mottled in indigo.

What to look out for when choosing a smock

Just like all other pieces in your uniform, there are certain things look focus on when buying a smock.

  • Size – when buying up a smock, you have to consider and look at the size of the smock you intend to wear. It is unreasonable to buy and wear a smock that is oversize, especially because it often worn as an outer garment.
  • Material – The best of smocks are made from and of cotton or polyester. To this effect, purpose to buy a smock that’s made of either cotton or polyester, as these materials make your smock durable, easy to wash and maintain. Staining clothes made of cotton or polyester is also increasingly hard.
  • Comfort – Regardless of the fact that smocks are worn for covering ones under garments, one has to choose that smock that’s comfortable to them. Comfort ensures that one’s productivity increases under any working environment. This axiomatically increases the results or output in the said working environment.

Edwards Smocks

At UniformsInStock, we have a wide range of Edwards smocks stocked up to meet all of your uniform needs. 

We have the Tan Women's Smock Loose Fit Short Sleeve.  It is available in the Tan color to suit those who prefer a more subtle and professional uniform look. You can also find this smock in colors like navy blue, red, and white. Consequently, you can get the smock in a variety of tunic sizes. The smock has a solid pattern and is made from a blend of both cotton and polyester. For maintenance purposes, this smock should never be hand washed. Instead, it should always be industrial washed.

Another popular smock option is the Navy Women's Smock Loose Fit Short Sleeve. It is a solid pattern and a truly classic and flattering smock. It is made of a blend of cotton and polyester hence its durability is guaranteed. However, to ensure its durability, never hand wash this piece, instead, industry wash it.

Also in stock is the Edwards Navy Women's Smock Fitted Adjustable 3/4 Sleeve. From its name, you can gather that its sleeves are ¾ In size and is navy blue in color. It is available in the solid pattern and available in multiple colors. It is made of a blend of cotton and polyester hence its durability is guaranteed. However, to ensure its durability, never hand wash this piece, instead, industry wash it. 

All our Edwards smocks are available at a pocket friendly price. All designs and colors of the smocks available are aimed at meeting your everyday needs. So, feel free to shop at UniformsInStock anytime and you will have your order delivered to you promptly.

For more information about our selection of Edwards Smocks, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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